Replacing sewer lines= more problems

Discussion in 'Toilets and Sinks' started by Aglaia, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    Rooter Hero (San Jose) just replaced our sewer line's pipes (ghost flushing occurred for a week or two prior to clog) for 26 grand- pretty sure we got screwed due to our location and age of owner (86 year old grandfather)
    ...right away we had a multitude of new issues:

    1) upstairs toilet (toilet which had the original issues):
    - water over fill line; tank takes awhile to fill (assumably due to low water pressure); ripples present in water within bowl
    * there was a trickling noise which the plumbers claimed was due to the water line needing new pipes because they're old (was not brought up before and this statement was made without them looking at the pipes unless they had done so when replacing the sewer line, but again, they never brought up the water line)
    * I asked why they said that they needed to replace the pipes rather than just replace toilet- said he couldn't say because he wasn't part of the original team which came out (same company); left without fixing the noise b/c it's "because the water line needs to be replaced"
    Fed up with their crap and not sleeping due to the noise, I a 28 yr old female with absolutely NO experience with plumbing, fixed the noise issue by simply pushing down on the ball in the tank

    2) downstairs toilet (never had issues prior to plumbers replacing sewer line):
    -barely any water in tank, but bowl fills fast (high water pressure here, but not in upstairs toilet)
    - due to the above, I looked in the bowl and noticed that there are small bubbles coming out around flapper valve (don't know if this is a new issue; however, there weren't any issues with this toilet prior to pipes getting replaced)

    3) washing machine: not filling with water - issue only became present after pipes were replaced

    Can anyone provide an explanation for these issues?
    Of note: the plumbers lost the snake in the pipes on the original call- had supervisor come out, supervisor said there's a leak in the pipes and that the original 5000 cost is now 26000 b/c pipes "need to be replaced due to the pipes being old" & tree roots breaking through (verified twigs in pipes via camera footage, but never saw prior evidence of a leak)

    -$26000 sewer line replacement job was paid in full for prior to "completion" via Greensky's home financing loan (no interest if paid in full within 1 yr; 24% interest if not paid off within that year) per the plumbing company's recommendation...could have gotten a much better rate elsewhere due to credit in mid 700s (we're now making payments of over 2g/mo to pay off loan w/in 1 year)
    I wondered what the plumbing company got out of promoting GreenSky; now I realize that by doing so, they get paid no matter what (26g went directly from Greensky to the company)...they basically get paid to make the situation worse :mad:
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    I hate to be the one to say it but you have been robbed and i am not sure there is anything you can do about it. I would have asked for visual proof of lines being damaged. they could have ran a camera. You should have gotten multiple estimates. Guys like that give good companies a bad name. No way they could claim bad pipes without a visual but since you didn't ask to see evidence its there word on yours. I am not sure what is causing your water issue now being they replaced sewer and it sounds like you are having water supply issues. Maybe you could call and tell them, since they did the work you now have these issues. They should come and re pipe your whole house after what they just did to you.

    Please anyone reading this please get several estimates especially on something large. Also check reviews. I know you said Rooter Hero, i wonder if they are a branch of Rooter.
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