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  1. Mr_David
    probably been leaking from day one. Did the installer solder any joints? flux can act like an acid and cause premature corrosion if he had a some on his hand when he installed the flex.
  2. Jeff Smith
    Well, that looks like a dishwasher drain hose to me. Trace it out and see where it goes. A CSST gas line is about that size and shape, but that kind of gas line has a yellow cover will feel solid...
  3. mike fiore
    shut valve off to filter loosen compression nut on valve and pull plastic hose out. where copper line goes into filter it should be a push fitting. push down on plastic around copper with needle...
  4. frodo
    what does your installation manual say? if i new the model number i could read it,
  5. TomFOhio
    Once that screw is out the handle should pull off. Squirt some wd-40 where ever you can around the handle. Don't break it. Once you get it off show a picture of the face plate on and then off.

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