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  1. J

    How to turn On and Off Shower properly, were shower diverters built differently back then?

    I had an old shower diverter from the 1980s, however things were sturdy back in the day. :| To turn the shower off, I would just push down the diverter, without Even turning off the shower knob first. It lasted for 30 years. When I get a new spout & diverter, it kept breaking/getting stuck. Had...
  2. J

    Shower Arm Leak question

    We are installing a new shower arm, and kept the Old Shower Arm plate, since it was larger and covered the original shower hole wall. However the new shower arm is smaller radius, so I see a noticeable gap in the internal hole (green box). It isn't as snug as previous. The picture quality...
  3. J

    Moen Tub Spout Installation with cracks between Ring and Spout

    I just installed a new Moen Tub Spout 179101. When installing it, you see a white portion with caulking. Everytime I press down on the spout lightly, I can see the spout separate, and see hole edges between the ring and spout (see green box). Is this the way, Moen Tub spout is supposed to be...
  4. J

    Cracks, holes shower in tub spout

    I have an old 1980s shower, it has a flexible shower wall. Recently when I pull the tub spout shower diverter up or push against the wall, I see cracks and holes appear. I tried replacing the bathtub spout multiple times, and retried Caulking Numerous occasions. It keeps showing holes/cracks...
  5. P

    Water temp issues at faucets and bath/shower

    Hello all, I do not have much plumbing experience but am following my father's footsteps of being a DIY'er. My sink faucets and shower have always been a bit off since moving in about 6 months ago and seem to be getting worse. They require the hot water to be on full go while originally...
  6. D

    hot and cold water

    Hi I am having trouble with running a constant and even temperature from my bath taps. We have mixer taps (not that I think these are at fault). When running the water from the shower head (don't have separate shower, just hose connected to taps), the temperature is ok, then suddenly it goes...
  7. N

    Q: Replacing a dip tube in a gas water heater

    Hello, Would like to get some advice about replacing a dip tube in my heater. It is from 1996 or so. Please see the attached pictures. Can I do this without cutting the water pipe? Any specific things to consider? Step-by-step instructions would be appreciated. :) The heater information...
  8. J

    Tub Spout Installed slightly rotated

    Our plumber installed a Tub Spout slightly rotated 10-15% degree angle to its left, like a globe. Curious if there is any reasons plumbers have any installation reasons do that, I will just rotate back myself. One time, I had a plumber install a bathroom sink 10% slanted on the xy plane, due...
  9. J

    Can Removing Shower Head Restrictor affect Diverter?

    hi Admin, please delete this thread, thanks
  10. J

    Shower Diverter keeps breaking

    I have a Shower Diverter that keeps stuck having issues, where water goes to Both the Tub Spout and the Shower Head. We have replaced two shower spouts with diverters in the last month. Is there an underlying issue which can keep causing this? The shower diverters keep having issues, regardless...
  11. A

    Toilet water keeps running

    I woke up to the sound of the toilet water running, in inspecting it it looked like the flush valve was letting water through. After adjusting it the water is still filling up and overflowing, even when I manually lift the flush valve all the way to the top the water keeps pouring. Trying to...
  12. J

    Broken Pipe But No Water Leak

    I was recently digging to install a new fence post in my yard when I hit a pipe. The pipe cracked and leaked a bit of water at first and then completely stopped and doesn't appear to have leaked any more. I tested the water in the bathrooms and kitchen but no water leak from the crack. The pipe...
  13. H

    Puzzling water taste

    Here is a puzzler, In the highest point in the house is a bathroom off the main bedroom. In the morning when I get up the water tastes moldy out of the cold spigot. If I taste out of the hot water spigot , it taste like it is coming out of a garden hose. Any ideas ? Please keep it clean! These...
  14. R

    Pressure problems

    Hello this is my first post on this forum! Hopefully I'm putting it in the right place. Ok here goes. I live in a mobile home so I don't have extra floors. So I removed and installed a new water heater(40g to 60g) and a water softener(42k bead). When I installed I plumbed 1/2" piping for the...
  15. A

    Water hammer after new washer part installed

    I've never had an issue with water hammer in my house until a couple months ago. The fill valve on our newer LG washer went bad. Because we had the extended warranty I just called the company and they sent a tech. He confirmed it was the fill valve and replaced it the next day. Ever since...
  16. A

    Replacing sewer lines= more problems

    Rooter Hero (San Jose) just replaced our sewer line's pipes (ghost flushing occurred for a week or two prior to clog) for 26 grand- pretty sure we got screwed due to our location and age of owner (86 year old grandfather) ...right away we had a multitude of new issues: 1) upstairs toilet...
  17. J

    name this valve(?)

    Hello all! Amateur question: What are these? I have a boiler heating system, and these are at the front end of two of my heating water loops. It looks like a brass valve, but there's no handle. As you can see, there is a screwdriver-turned bolt. Is this correct? Or is the nuts-looking...
  18. B

    Leaky main water shut off

    Howdy The main water shut off coming into my basement has began to leak. My problem is that the shut off value is attached to the pipe as soon as it comes out of the block wall. Therefore, this leaves me no room to cut the valve off and attach a new one. Thoughts? Ideas? Also, what is the...
  19. Cassix

    Water heater fire

    The only way I could figure out to put a picture of it up is to put it as my profile picture . I have pictures of it but I can't figure out how to post pictures on here so I'll just ask about it. So my buddy was complaining that he had no hot water in the shower then asked me to look at his...
  20. C

    Water-Heater Brands and Maintenance

    Hello. I live in a single-family home in Chicago. I have lived in this home for 35 years. Our home's water heater was here when my family bought this home. So, this water heater is at least 35 years old. Our water heater is a RheemGlas Fury, model # 22-40-2. The water heater has 40 gallons...