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  1. T

    What happens if the flange knockout cap goes down the toilet pipe??

    I live in the city and I'm remodeling my upstairs bathroom. My flange knockout cap accidentally went down the 4in ASB pipe. How serious of an issue is this? What do I need to do to get it out? I've gotten some mixed answers. I had a plumber come and he scoped it out and found it to be about...
  2. C

    How to remove stuck locknut from porcelain toilet?

    I'm working to remove the fill valve from my (quite old) Kohler toilet. Drained the tank, unhooked the water supply, now trying to remove the locknut. Trouble is (and forgive me, I'm not sure if this is common) the locknut is plastic and two pieces that seem to lock together. So when I attempted...
  3. A

    Constantly running dual flush toilet (only when lid is on)

    Hi everyone, I moved into a newly renovated home about a year ago. One of the renovations was that they put a glacier bay dual flush toilet in the half bath. It is about a year and a half old. However, the toilet runs constantly. This ONLY happens if the lid is on the toilet. If I leave my lid...
  4. D

    Why can't I install a wall mount toilet here?

    Here’s a picture showing where a floor mount toilet is going to go after I was told a wall mount wasn’t possible. The waste pipe has yet to be connected (to the pipe farther in) but we have the trench dug into the concrete basement floor. It’s 5” deep. A new wall is being built behind that...
  5. G

    Toilet auger won't go all the way down

    Hi all, I have a clogged toilet and I am looking to avoid having anyone come into my house due to the fact I live in a pandemic hotspot. But I'm not very handy. My toilet was completely clogged and plunging only helped a little, allowing it to slowly drain. I bought the $6 3 foot toilet augur...
  6. alxbz1

    Need advice slime in toilet tank & build up on sinks.

    Hello! Just some background I live In a Tiny House which is setup like an RV with a RV hose, on someones property/ well water. I have avoided showering/bathing because of the water and taste ( when brushing my teeth), Originally I thought it was hard water but after getting quotes for possible...
  7. T

    Hairline crack on toilet

    This toilet is about 4 or 5 years old and 3 years ago started to notice a crack on the front rim. It has been getting worse but slowly. I think that at some point this will be a problem, but should I consider this an immediate issue and must replace the toilet? Attached 2 pictures Thank-you...
  8. sfeldman

    older mansfield contantly running

    I have the older mansfield toilet with the white flush valve, and it is constantly running, saturday it was so bad you could hear it a few rooms away. I replaced the red gasket seal but I don't think I needed to it was still flat and not warped or cupped. What made me think it was the red seal...
  9. thewoo81

    Patio Bathroom Project

    So i am building a large outdoor patio. Since we live in the Texas Panhandle, my wife wanted a tornado shelter. We purchased a 4'x6' above ground shelter and rather than just have wasted space, i am going to make a bathroom w/ a toilet inside. I have a couple of questions about tying into my...
  10. P

    American Standard 4392 Toilet Leak

    Hi --- I noticed this morning that my American Standard 4392 toilet (Colony?) was double-flushing. It's had that problem before, and I replaced and adjusted the flapper valve to make the problem go away. Not sure why it returned, but in the process of readjusting the chain, a leak developed...
  11. S

    Zurn Sloan toilet rebuild?

    So I have to replace a diaphragm and a new stop screw assembly on a Zurn “Sloan” type toilet in my apartment. Toilet just stopped flushing. When I went to close the screw water started spraying at me from the screw so I backed it out and the water stopped. I’ll have to shut the water off to the...
  12. F

    How to install sprayer in toilet while shut off valve does not work

    I want to install a sprayer with the toilet. In order to do that I need to shut off the water supply to the toilet. But my shut off valve is not working when I move it clockwise. How can I install it while shut off valve is still supplying water? I thought about using bucket or similar...
  13. F

    Low flange - options?

    Hi I am replacing a toilet where the flange is almost an inch under the tile. Previous owner had 2 regular wax rings stacked with both horns intact. Bolts are covered with some tile debris so I suppose I have to clean the keyholes out to place new bolts. However, I am not sure if it's better...
  14. R

    Downstairs Toilet Bubble Explosion, Floor Drain Overflows -No Apparent Clog in Plumbing or Vent Pipe

    Hi all, This past Summer we purchased our first house, a split-level from the 1960's. With this purchase we had the sewer line inspected by camera and cleaned a couple months after we moved in. Since we've had the house, the basement toilet splashes when upstairs toilet is flushed. These...
  15. D

    Help with Toilet

    I'm currently in Southern México. Puebla, to be exact. I decided to try and repair a toilet wax ring, knowing it could be more work than just that. I pulled the toilet, and found what you see in the picture. If you notice, the bolts that hold the toilet aren't aligned with the sewer pipe. It...
  16. Aravis

    Flapper won't come off

    All the videos make swapping a flapper seem super easy, except that my old flapper won't come off. The holes are too small and not flexible enough to get them over the wings of the flapper holder. It appears the only way to get it off is to cut it. Is that ok to do? If so, what's the best way to...
  17. V

    Toilet terrors. House with on-standard everything. Help!

    I had some water on my floor by the toilet. Classic symptom of a failing wax ring, right? Went to my local HD and got me a standard wax ring. Gonna empty the water, disconnect the water feed, spin up the nuts, pull the toilet, scrape and replace the ring, replace the post and bolts reattach...
  18. H

    Behind the toilet boxing, damp, mold, a mess.

    Hi, I hope someone can help? We’ve moved into a new house and the plumbing has been terrible. Everything leaks! We recently removed the toilet boxing due to all the floor being rotten through due to a leaking sink. Behind the boxing we found damp issues too. Can anyone help me pin point what...
  19. R

    Toilet Flange Replacement

    I've got a toilet flange that needs to be replaced, and I started to do it myself by cutting through some of the top plastic but stopped when I felt like I might be over my head. I called a plumber to come take a look, and he's saying that because it's glued on and I cut it the way I did, we now...
  20. mrmyth

    stop toilet from leaking - fluid master

    I have a Fluidmaster 400 series toilet fixture. It's leaking. You'll see these things in the attached pictures. I got a flapper from the hardware store but it doesn't seem to be long enough. What kind of flapper do I need? Is there something else I have to do?