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  1. D

    Plumbing Tips

    I've been reading a lot of new ideas regarding sump pump repairs, what's the best tips you can offer? I'm collating ideas for my future blogs in my website Doherty Plumbing Co., Inc. Falls Church. Thanks!
  2. A

    Replacing sewer lines= more problems

    Rooter Hero (San Jose) just replaced our sewer line's pipes (ghost flushing occurred for a week or two prior to clog) for 26 grand- pretty sure we got screwed due to our location and age of owner (86 year old grandfather) ...right away we had a multitude of new issues: 1) upstairs toilet...
  3. Vincent Gomez

    Major Signs of Blocked Drain

    Most of the people don’t bother about plumbing services unless flushing flows over your toilet floors or your sinks are filled with water. Blocked drains left unnoticed can be the culprits here. A clog or block in your pipes doesn’t come to notice unless it gets messy. Accumulation of wastes can...
  4. T

    Need help after new jacuzzi installed -45 min to fill tub

    I need some ideas. My contractor's plumber and the city permit guy don't seem to know what to do and I don't have the money for questionable guys to run up a bill for no reason. We had a cast iron tub which worked fine for 30 yrs. Then we got flooded and decided to put in a jacuzzi...
  5. JillianBaker

    Plumbers - What Questions do Customers Always ask?

    Hi! I write blogs and manage the web presences for various plumbers. I am always looking for great topics for the blogs, and the most search engine friendly topics are the questions that customers are typing into the search engines. SO - What kinds of questions do you get asked all of the...