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    Washer drain back up

    My washer drain was over flowing the drain behind it. Had plumber snake it out. Didn’t do much but did prevent it from over flowing the drain. A few days later I had water on the floor which was coming from a vent under the counter I never saw. There is two traps on this drain. I need to know...
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    No washer drain pipe? Help!

    I just moved into a brand new house and I'm used to having the washer drain pipe between the hot/cold water pipes. There is not one, only the drainage pan pipe. Am I missing something? There is a pipe in the middle of the wall but its sealed. Any help would be appreciated.(See Pics)
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    Problem with American standard quick connect!

    I am a noob when it comes to these things, I need the washer or the piece that comes between the quick connect and the drain pipe piece ....it broke off last night and i have no idea what it is called. I need the replacement asap if its possible Thank you ! I have put some pictures up!
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    [Seeking Advice]Water drip from new Basin Tap

    Hi Experts, Recently my Irwell made Basin tap was dripping every now and then, which made me to replace the washer in the tap, For some reason i could not unscrew the spindle, either it was tight or possibly there is a different technique to unscrew them - Used Monkey Wrench, Tap Spanner and a...
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    Washer overflows downstairs toilet

    2 story house-built 1995-on occasion the washer machine drain (2nd floor) overflows the downstairs toilet. If I look at the clean out in the yard there is standing water in the waste drain pipe. Plunging it clears the water. I had the line boroscoped and it is clear form the clean out to the...
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    Water hammer after new washer part installed

    I've never had an issue with water hammer in my house until a couple months ago. The fill valve on our newer LG washer went bad. Because we had the extended warranty I just called the company and they sent a tech. He confirmed it was the fill valve and replaced it the next day. Ever since...
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    Replacing sewer lines= more problems

    Rooter Hero (San Jose) just replaced our sewer line's pipes (ghost flushing occurred for a week or two prior to clog) for 26 grand- pretty sure we got screwed due to our location and age of owner (86 year old grandfather) ...right away we had a multitude of new issues: 1) upstairs toilet...
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    Washer Drain Issue

    Summary: Water leaks from where wall meets floor when washer drains. Smells of sewage, appears to be earth/clay 1.5'-2.0' down washer drain. Trying to identify issue, may cut up concrete soon. Washer in the basement 100+ year old construction. Washer drain goes directly into the...