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  1. dotwa27

    Kitchen Faucet Supply Line

    I an replacing my kitchen faucet with a new I went to start by shutting off the supply valves and i noticed that my current hose does is not secured by a nut to the supply valve (See Pictures) The hose to the new faucet as the locking nut on the end of the hose but this wont be compatible...
  2. D

    Using Faucet Cartridge Without Limiter

    Hello all and thank you in advance for the help. My bathtub faucet has been either providing lukewarm water or running low on hot water fairly quickly the last month or so. I think it was always cooler temperatures than other fixtures in the house, but it has become a problem recently. All...
  3. J

    Broken faucet washer?

    IMG_20200229_085828 by JamesFromWisconsin posted Feb 29, 2020 at 9:07 AM IMG_20200229_090036 by JamesFromWisconsin posted Feb 29, 2020 at 9:07 AM IMG_20200229_090044 by JamesFromWisconsin posted Feb 29, 2020 at 9:07 AM Hi All, I don't know much about plumbing. My kitchen faucet base has been...
  4. G

    Need Diameter of Moen 121549 Faucet Ceramic Disk Cartridge.

    Need diameter of Moen 121549 single lever faucet ceramic disk cartridge, no specs from Moen. https://www.moen.ca/products/Commercial/Commercial_1_Handle_Ceramic_Disc_Cartridge_Models_8413_series/121549
  5. A

    Vintage faucet knobs/handles

    Hi, I am in search for some vintage plastic hot and cold knobs. I have been searching for some time. Where can I find, In need. Thanks
  6. B

    Change handle angle on disc faucet

    Was wondering if it is possible to change the angle of rotation for a disc kitchen faucet. When you turn the handle to hot it can bump against the window trim behind the faucet. Ideally I would like to make hot straight up, flush with the faucet spout. I dis-assembled the faucet pictured below...
  7. C

    Unusual kitchen faucet mount

    I'm attempting to replace an old faucet on an undermount sink with granite countertops and can' t get the old one off. I have replaced several faucets before but have never seen a mount like this. It is a single hole installation and is a faucet with a pull out sprayer. I attempted to turn the...
  8. P

    new Delta faucet, water flow

    I'm considering a Delta kitchen faucet that claims to offer 1.8 GPM based on 60 PSI. The pressure where our outside pipe (from a drilled well) enters the house is 44 PSI. Will this lower pressure have a significant impact on the flow of water from the faucet? Thank you.
  9. J

    Help - Can't unscrew flared end of Delta Kitchen Faucet

    Hello All. After speaking to a Delta faucet rep recently, I'm writing here to doublecheck what I was told. Reason being that I feel like I'm going to break my kitchen faucet soon if I keep applying force. The faucet is a Delta Victorian 155-RBWF SINGLE HANDLE KITCHEN FAUCET. It has a fancy...
  10. S

    Troubleshooting odd situation

    Hoping someone can help troubleshoot an odd situation that I haven't been able to answer via many Google searches! The hot water in our primary kitchen sink has begun working inconsistently. It may provide hot water immediately and then get cold and take many many minutes to get hot again. Or...
  11. C

    outdoor faucet replacement

    home built in 68 want to replace this part (outdoor faucet) , seems i will need to cut drywall on the left of pipe to position a successful cut i'm using a multi-tool to cut the copper pipe... i'm not sure what the beam supports. do i need to determine if it is weight bearing? anyone have a...
  12. A

    Outdoor Faucet Timer - Banging Sound when it turns on

    I have an outdoor faucet timer (https://www.amazon.com/Orbit-62061Z-Single-Programmable-1-Valve/dp/B004INGS8S) that goes to a drip system for some plants outdoors. Every time it turns on, I can hear a loud bang inside my house. I tried getting a water hammer arrestor, and it helped, but it's...
  13. E

    Old Shower Faucet

    My shower faucet broke and I can’t find a faucet that works with my old plumbing. I believe the plumbing is from 1975.04B11636-BD99-44CC-B760-30A069AEAA41 by Eric9 posted Jul 31, 2019 at 7:55 PM6A1F12BA-2B79-49C5-BBD7-F0DEEF12664F by Eric9 posted Jul 31, 2019 at 7:55...
  14. Torin

    Reasonable labor cost for sink, pipes, disposal, and faucet?

    Hi, We live in Arizona (not sure if that matters) and we are remodeling our kitchen. We're having new countertops put in with a new undermount sink provided by the fabricator. The fabricator installs the sink basin of course and we are responsible for everything else. Given the age and poor...
  15. T

    strange faucet washer needed

    the seat of my faucet looks like just like fitting for a flexible gas hose its almost like a tapered washer in shape except its round I am talking about the shape of the seat so I need an inverted tapered washer any idea were to get such an itme
  16. N

    Low water pressure

    I have a cheap faucet in the kitchen and it’s getting slower and slower by the day. Problem is, it’s brand new. Well, the guy I bought the house from put it in right before we moved in and said he got it from Home Depot. Even with the aerator off it’s still pretty slow. Any suggestions before I...
  17. Parker Sean Peterson

    Leaking kitchen sink fixture

    Hi, I need help with figuring out why the used sink I am installing is leaking from the faucet. I'm not a plumber, just a dabbler, so any and all help is appreciated. See the attached photo. I took a small video but I guess it's too large. Thank you.
  18. M

    Old Wall Mount Faucet - Exterior Nut Below Handle Broke

    Hi all. I tried to remove the cold water stem from a faucet in order to replace the gasket. As I was attempting this, it cracked and then eventually about 1/3 of the nut broke off. Threads are exposed and the nut is loose when turning the nut itself. Thus far with the main valve on there...
  19. I

    Stuck/rusty Kitchen faucet nut?

    Hi, I decided to replace my kitchen faucet of roughly 10 years, but I am unable to remove the giant nut holding the sink to the granite top. I have tried dousing the giant nut and bolt with wd40, liquid wrench, and even CLR but I still cannot get the nut to turn even the slightest bit. I am...
  20. M

    Sillcock Installation Failed

    I just installed a new sillcock faucet to replace an outdoor faucet pipe that burst last winter. I have sweated pipes before and I felt I did a decent job on it. I heated up the bottom of the joint of the sillcock pipe where the threads are located, applied the solder and I was happy with my...