Vibrating noise, I’ve heard it before but won’t stop

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Nick Martinez

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Apr 18, 2019
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today the showerhead pipe snapped off from the water pipe. There was no leaking at the time. Then my friend turned the water on and let it run for a sec to check it out. Hours later I can hear water dripping from behind the cold and hot knob. My basement has water all in the floor boards and on the floor now. I finally managed to turn the main water off. Now there is a humming noise coming from the ceiling. I live in the basement and the water pump is in a room in my room. So I turned the main water off, now there is a vibrating noise that sounds like there is a dryer upstairs above my room. I have heard this noise before it runs for a few minutes then stops. But it won’t stop. If i touch the little
Black box next to the pressure meter I can feel a vibrations. There aren’t any alarming violent noises just this sort of white noise type vibrations . I guess it might not be 100% plumbing related but it started after I turned the water off and drained faucets. Is it just because there is slow pressure for the moment? Excuse me if I sound dumb, I’ve had a bad day with plumbing and worried. just moved out only 20 years old. They didn’t teach me plumbing in high school but I wish I went to trade school now


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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
sometimes the fill valve in the toilet will make this noise...other times it can be a loose washer on faucet....have you checked the pump....some pics of the pump and black box would help