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  1. F

    Strange very green lump of grass in yard....

    Can anyone tell me if the lump in the front of my apartment is really from a sprinkler? This place has had issues with plumping as far as clogged drains. Its right next to a clean out area. I am worried that its a leak in the sewer line.. I'm no plumber so that's why I am asking.
  2. A

    Does this valve need replaced or just tightened?

    I have a leaky radiator valve in my house. I've tried just tightening up the nut, but I'm really struggling to move it. Just wondering if tightening is all that's needed or did this valve need replaced? Hopefully it's clear from the photos that there is a lot of black oxidisation on the valve...
  3. C

    New toilet, keeps running. Help!

    I am sure I’m just a novice and can’t figure out what is wrong. I moved into a newly built home in October. Our downstairs toilet is a Kholer K39990 I think. It keeps running on its own every hour or so. My quick research said to replace the black rubber piece under the cap. Tried that to no...
  4. C

    Leaky old NYC Tub Faucet

    Hi All, Out of nowhere, I have been having a constant leak in the tub that has been getting worse and causing mold to build in the tub. It appears that only the cold water is leaking but cannot be completely sure. I live in an old building in NYC and am unsure what needs to be done to stop the...
  5. A

    Why is my shower head leaking?

    I have installed 2 brand new shower heads on the same shower and both leaked, which leads me to believe something else is going on. It leaks out of the the shower head holes, not any connections. Any suggestions on what might be the problem? I just recently installed a new Delta 1400...
  6. A

    Shower Handle Leaking

    How do you remove this cartridge? I am looking for a nut or a pin and I am having no such looking trying to remove this. Maybe this one has a special trick to release it? I am thinking about replacing this to see if the leak will stop. Any other suggestions?
  7. D

    Tub & Toilet Drain Mixing, Leaking

    I recently discovered sewage in the P trap beneath my tub. The tub drain line connects to the main sewer at a junction just beneath the toilet before the sewer line drops to its lowest point and passes out of the house. If there's sewage in the tub P trap, I suspect that means there's a...
  8. P

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater.

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater. Live in same subdivision now for 20 years but could happen anywhere. Got a new water heater in September on 2nd floor in a tiny closet. In that closet is a metal aluminum vent and also...
  9. M

    Tiny crack in tub silicone caulk

    There was a very tiny gap in a section of silicone on our newly installed bathtub between the wall and the tub. It's small, but big enough I can almost fit my finger nail in. We took a shower in the tub around 4 times before discovering the gap. The gap is also near to the shower head. The...
  10. F

    Comic relief, but what is leak source? How bad is it?

    The water heater in this home has buildup, I assume of minerals from the water? I haven't found any pictures of any this bad on the web sso thought I'd post, enjoy. I don't know the impact on water quality, but there are certainly some safety concerns related to the lack of exhaust draft.
  11. R

    Old tub drain leaking

    We discovered a leak at a joint where the tub drains. House was built in 60s and the drain lines under the slab are cast iron. Not sure what going on where the leak is.. Looks like maybe copper to cast iron. The pipe with the weird flat flange must be part of a trap - holding water. Any...
  12. C

    My toilet leaks when i drain my bathtub...

    This had happened several times but not every time... when I drain the tub I'll see a pool of water around the toilet on the floor. The only time it happens is when I drain the tub... Any ideas? Thank you so much for any help or advice! I don't want to stop taking baths, lol
  13. W

    Options for a New Leaking PVC Fitting into Kitchen Sink Floor Drain

    To get right to it (I'll answer questions to flesh this out as you need it)... In Maryland (my own house)... REPLACING... Fernco 2"x2" coupling between... (the next 2 black bullets) 2" PVC vert. pipe (going up into Char 2x2" long-turn elbow, eventually leading up to sinks) 2" PVC pipe into...
  14. D

    Need help from the plumbing Gods

    Hello All, Just joined and I need help to temporarily stop my water main from leaking while I trench and lay a new water main for my home. Right now it leaks approx. 160 gph. Is there a way to stop or slow the leak to 1-5 gals/day for about a month while I put in a new water main that will...
  15. D

    Leak at 1" copper to pex connection

    Hi, I found dampness in my garage and investigated to find that there's a leak where a copper pipe connects to a pex tube. How should I replace that fitting? Looks like it goes from copper to pex to another pex. Was that done just to bridge the gap? Also this is the house hot water supply line...
  16. W

    Rust around outlet of hot water outlet on heater

    Hello! I wanted to get some expert opinions on this rust that I noticed around my hot water heater outlet. This is in a new construction home, just a little over 1.5 years old. There was a leak at this location shortly after closing, they sent the plumber out who just tightened it up. I’ve...
  17. W

    Water filling at water meter

    water fills my meter and pools when my water main is turned on. Plumber fixed leak in the house and checked meter to see if it kept spinning to indicate other leak and he saw nothing. He says it must be on the city side. When I turned off the water main due to the pooling of water it finally...
  18. W

    Help identifying this?

    Hi, so i’ve had a leak in my sink faucet for a little now. I finally have the drive to fix the issue but cannot seem to find this hose? Local hardward store isnt open till 6a tomorrow but I just want to be a little prepared. I read a few fourms about this specific faucet having this issue (or...
  19. H

    Broken Sewer Trap- Strong Smell - stumped plumbers - please help!

    Hello all! I’d greatly appreciate any help and advice from this forum. The problem occurred after a routine router rooter clean out. Every couple years my basement will back up and due to roots and such clogging the pipe. This is usually remedied quickly with a snake. The clean out is usually...
  20. Ravi9

    Dupure Reverse Osmosis Post Filter Leaking

    Hi Folks, I just changed the filters and even though the Post Filter, gray (last one) looks fit, it is leaking water when I turn on the Blue knob of the water tank. Any idea what might be happening? Dupure seems off on weekends :( Any help is appreciated. Thanks