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  1. M

    Leach line leak need help

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice that might save us some unnecessary repairs and money! We are new to septic as of 2 years ago. The system is roughly 10 years old. We noticed water coming out of one of the 4 leach lines about a month ago, so we had our 1000 gallon take pumped. shortly after...
  2. T

    shower caulk leak?

    i bought a house over a month ago now and just recently noticed this ugly brown puddle coming from a weird spot on the tub. i chased the pipes in the basement and i dont think theres anything in that wall for pipes the sink is the closest thing and its off that wall. my questions are what are...
  3. S

    Leaking Shower Wand Connection

    My girlfriend has an Oxygenics Shower Wand and it is leaking from the hose connection to the plastic swivel fitting mounted to the stem pipe. The hot water feed is from an instant water heater and has very low flow. I have tried unsuccessfully to increase the flow but the flow screw popped out...
  4. G

    PVC to Cast leak

    Today I finally caved and had a plumber replace my main 4” cast in the basement. On top of being very messy and not cleaning up, they left me with a leak. I assume they caulked this with lead and oakum. Is this the preferred method? Why not just cut it slightly before the wye and use a Fernco...
  5. N

    Can't Find Source of Shower Water Seapage

    I have a builder-grade framed shower enclosure that is leaking water near bottom drywall and baseboard. Shower is 14 years old. I recalked suspected area on and around shower door and frames with clear silicone and then after drying 3 days water tested area and it did not leak. I thought I I...
  6. D

    Abnormally leaking tub/shower faucet

    I have a combination tub/shower faucet that's leaking, at a rate of a drop every few seconds. The system has a shower head, tub faucet (with pull-style cutoff knob), shower/tub selector, and hot and cold handles. (All but the shower head shown is shown in the attached image, with handles removed...
  7. N

    Shower leaking, found cause but not sure what to do

    Pictures attached below will show the problem better than I can describe it. Water is slowing leaking from this one piece when the shower is running. If someone could tell me what needs to be done to fix this, I can do the research to find the parts and do the replacement, just not sure at this...
  8. C

    Leak Repair on Waste Pipe ABS Joint Very Confined space

    I have a slight leak on an waste ABS pipe 45 degree joint in a very confined space (I can barely reach my hand to touch it) that I need to repair. What ideas do you have to repair it? The ideas I have researched were to spread ABS cement with ABS shavings along the edges of the joint or cut the...
  9. S

    Polybutelyne plumbing leak repair help

    I have PB plumbing unfortunately and today I heard a hissing sound and the drywall was wet in my garage where my main water line comes in. I cut the wall and found a pin hole leak in the top PB line right at the junction fitting spraying a thin line of misty water. I wanted to know the best way...
  10. J

    Need help. Tight seal/Leak

    I posted this earlier but perhaps in the wrong section . My apologies . I’ve been working under my house replacing most of the galvanized half-inch with PEX. I have one long continuous pipe that runs to the far side of crawlspace with cery difficult access. I found the spot to tie in but...
  11. Matt Wasielewski

    Toilet Downstairs Causing Leak Upstairs

    About two months ago a section of my kitchen cabinets started to receive a wet spot at the top or ceiling of the cabinet. I cut a hole in the drywall above the cabinet to see where the water was coming from. At first glance I thought it was condensation from Freon lines that I could see through...
  12. M

    Bath drain leaking onto back porch

    Wanting to buy a house. Inspection. Bath drain leaks onto back porch. Cost to fix leak?
  13. G

    Is there California law regarding asbestos testing before plumber can inspect a leak?

    a week after moving into a 1973 year built house in Costa Mesa California, a leak was noted in the wall. A couple days goes by before Home warranty program sent local plumber out and he looked at the wet wall for a couple seconds and walked out saying we need asbestos testing first before he...
  14. J

    Broken Pipe But No Water Leak

    I was recently digging to install a new fence post in my yard when I hit a pipe. The pipe cracked and leaked a bit of water at first and then completely stopped and doesn't appear to have leaked any more. I tested the water in the bathrooms and kitchen but no water leak from the crack. The pipe...
  15. B

    Water heater leak from top. Am I on the right track?

    I have a probably 13 yr old water heater, so I know its getting up there. I just got a leak on what looks to be the hot water outlet. (The leak is hot). It doesnt look to be the joint, and it seems to be coming from under the cover/red cap. I found some threads talking about dielectric...
  16. H

    How to check for main line leaks before purchasing the home

    Looking at purchasing a rental home which has been unoccupied for along time...don't know how long. I have purchased a few homes where I got surprised when getting the water turned on, only to find out we had leaks in the main incoming line, and was fairly expensive to repair! This time, I can...
  17. E

    Outdoor water barrels leak at spigot

    Hi, I'm by no means a pro and have limited experience with plumbing, but I'm game to try simple things myself. I have some outdoor water barrels (250 l each) that collect rain water from my shed and house. I used plastic spigots with rubber seals on the inside and outside of the barrels. They...
  18. C

    Troubleshooting a leaky shower

    We have a slow leak that appears on the 2nd floor ceiling in the general area of the 3rd floor shower. The leak only occurs when the shower is running and it takes a good 10 minutes before you start to see the water, so I think it's pooling somewhere in the walls before it builds its way to...
  19. Krystle

    Mystery Leak from Shower

    Hi there, I have a mystery leak in the wall behind my shower, which I'm hoping someone here can help me shed light on! This is the shower kit I have: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/docresources/818/20/204741.pdf We have a small trap access in the next room. which allows us to see in to the...
  20. Parker Sean Peterson

    Leaking kitchen sink fixture

    Hi, I need help with figuring out why the used sink I am installing is leaking from the faucet. I'm not a plumber, just a dabbler, so any and all help is appreciated. See the attached photo. I took a small video but I guess it's too large. Thank you.
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