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    Mysterious Gurgling in Wall

    Hello everyone! I moved into a new-construction house about 6 months ago, and for the past 4 weeks I have been periodically hearing a strange gurgling sound in our wall. I only began to hear it after using a rarely-used bathroom. I initially thought it was a plumbing/water issue, so I had a...
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    Dodgy pipework - water leak waiting to happen?

    I've had a radiator installed, unfortunately it is larger than the previous one, which is completely my fault. It has caused a bit of a headache and it is beyond the point of returning it. I had it installed using a plumbing service and their work was less than satisfactory. Since it was...
  3. R

    What is this drainage pipe under kitchen sink that leads outside?

    I've known about a 1/2" pvc pipe leading out of my house since I moved 18 months ago. I assumed it was drainage for AC condensation in the attic until it was still running even when AC isn't on. It caused a leak because it wasn't angled enough (imagine slowly pouring a glass of water so it runs...
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    What happens if the flange knockout cap goes down the toilet pipe??

    I live in the city and I'm remodeling my upstairs bathroom. My flange knockout cap accidentally went down the 4in ASB pipe. How serious of an issue is this? What do I need to do to get it out? I've gotten some mixed answers. I had a plumber come and he scoped it out and found it to be about...
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    External Pipe Leak

    Hello, experts! I was mowing my lawn today and noticed ponding by the foundation in my home near a fence. I finished mowing and brought out old misery (shovel) and started digging. Instantly, the hole I was digging was engulfed in water. I run over and turn off my main water supply and dig some...
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    My contractor is stumped! Need a creative solution...

    Hi all, Grateful to find you. I'm not an expert on anything... just trying to solve problems. Recently bought a house in the rocky Catskills, doing basic remodeling... but running into a problem figuring out how to drain the kitchen sink. The previous "solution" was a pipe that pumped the...
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    Cold Water not going into Tank

    I recently replaced my water heater and also the hoses that connect to the pipes in the wall. I did have to reem on the wall pipes pretty good, but do not feel I broke or bent then in any way. However, with everything connected and ready to go, I turn on the cold water valve, and it flows for...
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    Need help. Tight seal/Leak

    I posted this earlier but perhaps in the wrong section . My apologies . I’ve been working under my house replacing most of the galvanized half-inch with PEX. I have one long continuous pipe that runs to the far side of crawlspace with cery difficult access. I found the spot to tie in but...
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    Help! Stupid question. Half inch Galvanized Pipe

    Was just doing some work under my house and I accidentally started to loosen a galvanized pipe . Only about a quarter turn. Then I re-tightened it. Its a long stretch of pipe and I cant see the other connecting end. Can I expect this to leak now?
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    Is there California law regarding asbestos testing before plumber can inspect a leak?

    a week after moving into a 1973 year built house in Costa Mesa California, a leak was noted in the wall. A couple days goes by before Home warranty program sent local plumber out and he looked at the wet wall for a couple seconds and walked out saying we need asbestos testing first before he...
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    What could cause this pierced pipe?

    First time poster... See the attached picture for a pretty impressive puncture in a pipe. Installed 1 year ago during a full Reno, I went to turn on water to my hose bib this morning and didn't notice the hole until I turned it on! I was quick to turn it off and wipe down the walls, so no...
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    Vibrating noise, I’ve heard it before but won’t stop

    today the showerhead pipe snapped off from the water pipe. There was no leaking at the time. Then my friend turned the water on and let it run for a sec to check it out. Hours later I can hear water dripping from behind the cold and hot knob. My basement has water all in the floor boards and on...
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    Kitchen Drain Pipe Rerouting

    We are planning a kitchen renovation (living in Ontario, Canada) and been trying to figure out what to do with our kitchen drain pipe. The pipe goes horizontally across multiple cabinets into one of the side walls. This is very frustrating as it reduces most of the usable space. Since we are...
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    Connecting Sink to Threaded Metal Drain Pipe

    I have a metal drain pipe with threads on the outside coming out of the wall behind a bathroom sink. The pipe that connected to this broke, so I need to replace the trap and find a way to connect to the drain pipe. The threads on the outside of the 1 1/2" drain pipe seem fine, but it only...
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    hole in tub fill copper pipe

    Hi, I have discovered the 1/2" copper pipe that comes from the wall to fill my tub has a hole caused by the set screw + excessive yanking on the shower diverter. Water was leaking back into the wall. The hole into the wall didn't have any caulking or other sealant - I plan to seal it up. What...
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    Water hammer after new washer part installed

    I've never had an issue with water hammer in my house until a couple months ago. The fill valve on our newer LG washer went bad. Because we had the extended warranty I just called the company and they sent a tech. He confirmed it was the fill valve and replaced it the next day. Ever since...
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    Need Help with bathroom sink

    I just recently bought a house and have had a ton of plumbing issues. This new one is a leak under the bathroom sink. I figured it would be easy enough to fix. However, it appears the reason it was leaking is because the drain (sorry I don’t know the terms) that attaches to the sink was slightly...
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    Pex a threat to professionals??

    I am no longer in the trade, and retired before the advent of Pex. I was wondering, given the ease of using Pex, does it threaten, to some degree, the trade? (being that joe shmo can make the connections) Just curious.
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    No water coming out of outside hose faucet!

    I've been trying to figure out why my outside spigot is not working. There is no water - not even a drop or leak. My house is only 10 years old, I have two faucets on both sides of the house. The one on the right side is working perfectly fine but the one of the left has completely stopped...