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  1. J

    Mysterious Gurgling in Wall

    Hello everyone! I moved into a new-construction house about 6 months ago, and for the past 4 weeks I have been periodically hearing a strange gurgling sound in our wall. I only began to hear it after using a rarely-used bathroom. I initially thought it was a plumbing/water issue, so I had a...
  2. J

    "Cricketing" Sound In Apartment Bathroom / Help?

    Hello, I've heard hearing an unusual / annoying 'cricket' like sound in my bathroom for months now. It usually is triggered at night, often after my upstairs neighbours uses a shower or bath, and goes for 8~ hours. In addition to being audible in my bathroom, one can also hear it in the...
  3. C

    Installing flange on recessed toilet pipe

    I am replacing part of a subfloor that already had a recessed toilet drain pipe. We haven't secured the floor yet because we already have confusion on how the flange should rest on the recessed pipe. We want the flange to secure on the finished floor but at that height the flange doesnt rest on...
  4. C

    How to remove stuck locknut from porcelain toilet?

    I'm working to remove the fill valve from my (quite old) Kohler toilet. Drained the tank, unhooked the water supply, now trying to remove the locknut. Trouble is (and forgive me, I'm not sure if this is common) the locknut is plastic and two pieces that seem to lock together. So when I attempted...
  5. GWolfe

    Instant hot water issues

    Hey everyone this is my first post, and I usually don’t resort to forums to ask for help but I just can not figure out my issue. I have a Bosch AQ 125 - BNG tankless water heater. Which works great. Except for when we try to take showers. I have read about the “cold water sandwhich” but that...
  6. P

    About cheap, compact electric heating taps

    As an alternative to traditional tankless heaters, aliexpress sells a variety of cheap taps incorporating a heater, for example: US $20.2 49% OFF|ATWFS Instant Tankless Water Heater Tap Instantaneous Faucet Kitchen Water Heater Crane Instant Hot Water Faucet Digital EU Plug|hot water...
  7. J

    How to turn On and Off Shower properly, were shower diverters built differently back then?

    I had an old shower diverter from the 1980s, however things were sturdy back in the day. :| To turn the shower off, I would just push down the diverter, without Even turning off the shower knob first. It lasted for 30 years. When I get a new spout & diverter, it kept breaking/getting stuck. Had...
  8. rishi

    Question, Is it possible to add a stop valve for a condo that shares water?

    Hi guys, not a plumber by any means, however probably a better than average handyman so I wanted your guys opinions on what it would take, if possible to do what I want plumbing wise... I have a condo that shares water with five other units in the building. Now, I was planning on doing some...
  9. W

    Kitchen Sink Issues

    Help! so i have a 1957 Ranch house which is bound to have some degree of issues, and right now it is my kitchen sink. The issues seem to have come out of nowhere. I've never had any issues with drainage and would like to fix it myself if at all possible. I have a garbage disposal on the left and...
  10. R

    Is this a loop?

    I'm in need of a water softener install in my garage and every plumber I call they ask if I have a loop installed already or if I need a loop installed. I don't know if I have a loop or not. here is the picture of my water heater in the garage and something that looks like a loop? also I heard...
  11. P

    Bathroom shower leaked into the downstairs closet.

    Its honestly as simple as that. the upstairs shower is in the third story. its about 11 years old and the previous owners and the original constructor of the house did a beautiful job designing the house but the upstairs shower leaks into the closet down stairs. my roommates believe that its...
  12. N

    Vibrating noise, I’ve heard it before but won’t stop

    today the showerhead pipe snapped off from the water pipe. There was no leaking at the time. Then my friend turned the water on and let it run for a sec to check it out. Hours later I can hear water dripping from behind the cold and hot knob. My basement has water all in the floor boards and on...
  13. F

    Can I replace a sink cartridge with dripping shut off valves?

    Hello. So long story short I noticed my sink beginning to leak as it’s turned off. It’s an old Moen and I read I will need to replace the cartridge. I get the part, begin to turn the main shut offs under the sink and I am getting a little drop still. Can I still replace the cartridge even with...
  14. Vincent Gomez

    Major Signs of Blocked Drain

    Most of the people don’t bother about plumbing services unless flushing flows over your toilet floors or your sinks are filled with water. Blocked drains left unnoticed can be the culprits here. A clog or block in your pipes doesn’t come to notice unless it gets messy. Accumulation of wastes can...
  15. G

    Old delta scald guard won’t turn off. Need help with ID and next steps

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance for any help you can offer Right now this shower won’t turn off. In the OFF position, it will fully flow cold water. When I then turn the knob ON, it will flow hot water as well. Turn the knob off again and it will go back to cold. To stop the flow i turned off...
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    Drain Cleaning Service

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  17. B

    Are there too many bends in this tub drain?

    Plumbing Layout by Bengineer posted Aug 17, 2018 at 4:48 PM Im getting ready to run the drain for my basement bathroom but I'm concerned that I have too many turns in the tub drain. I had to start in the wrong direction in order to pick up a wall for a vent. Is this a problem, does it meet...
  18. M

    Sewer liners and snakes

    I recently ran into a job where I was using my cable to open a backed up line, the line has a sewer liner in it, I ended up chewing up some of the liner. I wanted to know who should be held responsible ? I ended up having to bite the costs.
  19. M

    Basement Bathroom sink rough in, where to tie in the sink?

    Hi all, Not new to reading the forum, but new to posting. We are finishing our basement, and are now onto the bathroom plumbing. The shower drain and toilet drain have been roughed in underneath our foundation, but the sink is not, leaving us to best decide where to tie the sink drain in. Below...