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  1. V

    Replacing galvanized pipes for entire house

    Had a few questions. My house is about 65 years old and has galvanized water supply lines. Loosing pressure and crap breaking loose in the pipes is causing pressure drops. I have a 5/8" meter and the original supply from line 3/4 inch where it splits to feed water heater and rest of house...
  2. W

    Differences in Pex Tubing

    Can anyone offer any insight into the differences between manufacturers of pex tubing? I’m not talking about A, B, and C...just comparing one brands B to another. For instance, I’ve been shopping at Supply House (online) for Viega press fittings. Then came time to get the tubing and I noticed...
  3. C

    Master shower water lines/ventilation

    Hello all. Very new to this scene. here is a zoo of water lines that connect throughout my house. I was planning on tiling the this shower floor and walls. (A fiberglass shower and base pan were here previously) Does anyone have suggestions or advice as to keeping this plumbing how it is? Does...
  4. R.E.

    PEX & minimizing the number of fittings

    I've used PEX a few times as a DIY homeowner. I recently came across a few videos that show installations where numerous fittings were used in PEX runs, which I believe is contrary to the great benefits (in terms of reducing installation time, reducing the potential for leaks, maintaining...
  5. B

    Can you make your own pex supply line?

    I was reading a plumbing article earlier today and it had this photo in it. It looks as if it’s a pex supply line with a push fitting at the end. Are these type of supply lines allowed? I’m curious because I can no longer purchase the hand tight only sink supply lines at my local hardware store...
  6. B

    Pex To Hot Water Heater

    This gas hot water heater was installed three years ago, but I am concerned about the size of the pipe and 1/2” pex pipe being attached directly to the hot water heater. The tenant has not complained about anything, but I am curious if I should take the preventative-maintenance approach and...
  7. C

    PEX Fitting Organization

    Does anyone know an easy way to organize PEX fittings? (especially in tight spaces like under a house) We use a fittings tray off of amazon which seems to work but a little wobbly and weird when the Viega crimps and cutters and hammer are all in tray as well.
  8. E

    Sharkbite wont go on.... ??

    Got a 1 1/4" SharkBite brand coupling that doesn't seem to like pex pipe. I had to pound it on with a 2# dead blow hammer. Is that even close to normal? I'm using the copper inserts that were the ones recommended when I bought the fitting. Beating the other pipe in with a hammer will be...
  9. T

    Water hammer arrestor

    Does anyone know of a 3/4 inch water hammer arrestor for pex, or an easy way to do it? (Without using push to connect). Backstory: I replaced a leaking copper pipe with a pex line (3/4 inch) , it runs to a copper pipe which goes to an outdoor sprinkler system. When the system shuts off I...
  10. D

    Replacing Poly with PEX without opening walls

    I would like to replace my failing POLY with PEX all the way to the angle stop without opening walls. I have watched videos and googled it but I figure I would ask everyone to see what really works. 1/2 Poly Interior Drywall Most have 90 degree elbows in the wall I have free access under the...
  11. Krystle

    Mystery Leak from Shower

    Hi there, I have a mystery leak in the wall behind my shower, which I'm hoping someone here can help me shed light on! This is the shower kit I have: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/docresources/818/20/204741.pdf We have a small trap access in the next room. which allows us to see in to the...
  12. T

    Replacing 1/2" copper with PEX - Guidance Please

    I am planning to retrofit the ½” copper water lines in my house basement (typical mid 60s suburban home) from the entrance line after the water meter (in the basement) and all the various runs in my basement joists to the hot water tank, stationary tubs, to the vertical risers that supply...
  13. T

    Wirsbo and Pex Crimping methods

    I have an existing, old, wirsbo system, and I want to update, but I only have access to the PEX crimping tools. Can I simply cut the tubing where I want to start using the different technology? Is it the same tubing, just different joint method?\ \ I don't have the cold expansion tooling, nor do...
  14. W

    Pex line pressure drop

    Hello, At my cottage the main supply line from the pressure tank (30-50 psi range) is 1/2" pex which runs about 30 feet, no elbows etc., before it splits to hot and cold supply lines. In the current setup I am happy with the pressure at all faucets, shower etc. I am considering a renovation...
  15. T

    Need help after new jacuzzi installed -45 min to fill tub

    I need some ideas. My contractor's plumber and the city permit guy don't seem to know what to do and I don't have the money for questionable guys to run up a bill for no reason. We had a cast iron tub which worked fine for 30 yrs. Then we got flooded and decided to put in a jacuzzi...
  16. A

    Pex Manifold and couplings leaking

    I live in Chandler, Az with very hot summers. My house is 6.5 years old and in the past 6 months I've had two very slow leaks cause ceiling damage. In both cases, it seems like there is hard water sediment on a hot water Pex line near a manifold. I had a few plumbers comment on the color of...
  17. F

    Pex a threat to professionals??

    I am no longer in the trade, and retired before the advent of Pex. I was wondering, given the ease of using Pex, does it threaten, to some degree, the trade? (being that joe shmo can make the connections) Just curious.