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  1. A

    Splitting and rejoining water supply lines

    I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil the incoming water supply line around, before the supply feeds into the 3/4" inlet of my on-demand water heater. I already tried and failed at coiling 3/4" soft copper tubing around...
  2. W

    Sewer smell and noise from new shower drain, but GC insists he put a P-trap

    Hi everyone, I am having a serious issue with my newly remodeled guest house shower. See attached pic. Every day that I check by turning on the shower, sewer smell comes out from the new shower drain. It also happens when I flush the toilet first, before turning on the shower. The smell...
  3. H

    Sulfur smell coming from the shower drain

    Here's some quick background information: The ADU was built on slab foundation some 40 years ago and tenants were living there for a long time. I purchased the house 1.5 years ago. During Covid, the one bedroom unit was unused for roughly 6 months as the tenant was working from a remote...
  4. B

    Foul smelling air coming from shower drain

    Hello, for the past few days I've been able to feel and smell air/gas rushing out from my shower drain. I'm wondering what this could potentially be, and what I could do to fix it. The drain isn't clogged and I haven't had any other issues with the shower. I live in an apartment so I don't have...
  5. R

    Shower/tub drain rough in wrong?

    There is plumbing roughed in for a 2nd bathroom. There is room to put a tub in, but the drain is 17" from the studs on the short wall (where the 30" tub width would go) and 15" from the studs on the long wall (where the 60" side would go). This is frustrating because aren't most tub drains about...
  6. SteveWPBFL

    Drain pan drain - help identify

    Hello! I am working on a shower drain that has cracked on the insert piece that screws into the drain. I will attach some pictures. I have checked HD, Lowe’s, Ferguson Supply, Palm Beach Plumbing Supply and Next Plumbing supply and I cannot find this drain anywhere! Nor can I find a similar...
  7. T

    Septic smell coming from shower drain

    So we bought our house a year ago.. that is how long this has been going on without figuring the problem. We have had 3 plumber's out to try and find the problem. No one knows. When we use the washing machine, dish washer, or master shower, the smell happeneds. We tried making sure we where...
  8. tekoa

    How to get Kerdi shower drain into cast iron flange base?

    I'm a DIYer remodeling an existing bathroom. My plan is to use Schulter's system for waterproofing including the appropriate Kerdi drain. The old shower drain flange might be hard for me to remove. In large part, because I don't know how it is attached. I looked at the Kerdi Drain with...
  9. C

    Clearing Deposits from Shower Drain

    Our shower drain started backing up so I took off the cover and used a long hooked drain tool to get out all of the hair blocking the drain. Once I finish that I look down the drain and noticed that a good portion of the drain pipe diameter was filled with what looked like white deposits on...