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  1. S

    Weird sink bolt

    Hey, a couple months back, honestly probably a year now i went to change my kitchen sink, but when i went under to unscrew and unbolt it i noticed this weird "bolt" i guess that ive never seen before. And i couldnt get it off. As it wasnt such an issue i decided to hold off on the sink...
  2. helpfuljoe

    Whistling Shower, pressure issue?

    We had a new shower installed a few months ago, and consistently get a loud whistling sound when we turn the shower temp hotter. The contractor and his plumber have been back twice, (1) flushed out the shower head, and (2) the 2nd time flushed out the hot/cold value. Both times did not fix the...
  3. tjt23

    Search Terms - Sink Aerator/Outlet Adapter for Two

    Hello, I'm hoping this is a simple question/answer as far as the terminology I should be searching for on Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon/etc. I want to find an attachment for my kitchen sink that would essentially allow for two separate aerators/valves to be attached simultaneously, and I can switch...
  4. manauggie

    toilet overfill

    after replacing aeat on universal rundel 738-49741 the water comes up thru the bolt holes after flushing how do i know if i knocked something out of place when i removed the bolts to replace the seat
  5. C

    PEX Fitting Organization

    Does anyone know an easy way to organize PEX fittings? (especially in tight spaces like under a house) We use a fittings tray off of amazon which seems to work but a little wobbly and weird when the Viega crimps and cutters and hammer are all in tray as well.
  6. P

    Bathroom shower leaked into the downstairs closet.

    Its honestly as simple as that. the upstairs shower is in the third story. its about 11 years old and the previous owners and the original constructor of the house did a beautiful job designing the house but the upstairs shower leaks into the closet down stairs. my roommates believe that its...