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  1. P

    Help with replacing ~90 year old floor drain/sink with new.

    I have an older house with older plumbing. My washer discharges into a floor drain, and about every 4 months or so, it clogs. I would like to replace it with a new floor drain with bigger opening in the grate, but I am having trouble finding the right one. It looks like this one may fit...
  2. A

    Constantly running dual flush toilet (only when lid is on)

    Hi everyone, I moved into a newly renovated home about a year ago. One of the renovations was that they put a glacier bay dual flush toilet in the half bath. It is about a year and a half old. However, the toilet runs constantly. This ONLY happens if the lid is on the toilet. If I leave my lid...
  3. rgarland

    Suggested fittings for DIY solar shower

    I am working on an outdoor shower to put on top of my van, but I spent hours at home depot trying to find the right hardware to fit things together. I am a complete newb, so any advice on finding the right parts is much appreciated. Here is my kindergarten cartoon of the idea: The tube on top...
  4. Kmccoy

    Moen replacement identification

    My husband and I have a home built in 1979 that we are renovating piece by piece. We would like to replace the tub shower fixtures, but need to ID what updated version we need to purchase. Can anyone offer guidance?
  5. A

    Need help with an home oil tank fitting

    Hello everyone, My name is Alex and I am planning on replacing my leaking vertical oil tank (275 gallons) myself. I have planned out the entire project, however, there is one part that is causing me problems. In order to remain in my plumbing area or ability I am planning on using the existing...
  6. M

    Shower water temp/pressure issue in tiny house- totally stumped

    I recently finished a tiny house build (my dad and I did most of the work, including plumbing, ourselves) and moved into it in August. There was a small issue with the water temp- namely, that I couldn't regulate the water temp in the shower or kitchen. I worked around it by adjusting the temp...
  7. JPTee

    Installing New Sink Strainer

    I recently installed a new sink strainer and the day after, after maybe about 20 minutes of use, I noticed a slight trickle of water from that side of the sink. It look like it's coming from the seal, and perhaps the locking nut that connects the PVC pipe to the strainer. The locking nut isn't...
  8. A

    Plumbing expertise needed.

    Hello! I recently bought an older home and while the home inspector said there was a "flow issue to the shower" I don't think he fully captured the level of "the issue" which is down right terrible... After taking a look in the basement I see that that 90% of the pipe is galvanized and very...
  9. jakedeg

    Removing seat hinge bolts from one-piece toilet

    I am trying to replace the seat of my one-piece Kohler toilet. I have purchased the PART 84999 TOILET SEAT ANCHOR KIT but removing the old bolts from my previous seat is proving to be very challenging. I used some pliers to try to unscrew them, but just ended up snapping off the heads. Now, I'm...
  10. R

    Non-plumber here, outdoor faucet problem

    The frost freeze faucet() seemed clogged and I was unable to unclog it like I did last time. It hasn't been used for a few years, so I suspected hard water build up. Last time, I simply took it off and cleaned it (when I first bought the house, I haven't really needed to use it so it went unused...