RO Water Filter Advice - Very Hard Water

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Feb 5, 2021
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Mapleton, UT
I could use some advice for how to deal with very hard water when I want to buy and install a reverse osmosis water filter. Because my area (Mapleton, Utah) has very hard water I’m considering the idea of installing a simple filter before the 3-stage reverse osmosis filter to reduce the hard water minerals. Will that reduce the water pressure too much? Is it a good idea or bad? Do you recommend a brand of filter that can handle very hard water without having the RO membrane become clogged or damaged?

Note, I’m not the owner of the home (but have permission to install the filter) and we do not have a water softener for the home. I am just renting the basement so installing a whole-home water softer is not an option. Perhaps a small under-sink softener before the RO filter?