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  1. S

    RO Water Filter Advice - Very Hard Water

    I could use some advice for how to deal with very hard water when I want to buy and install a reverse osmosis water filter. Because my area (Mapleton, Utah) has very hard water I’m considering the idea of installing a simple filter before the 3-stage reverse osmosis filter to reduce the hard...
  2. F

    Over-Tightened Filter on Tankless Heater

    A few years ago, we replaced our conventional water heater with a tankless system. Because the water quality where we live is very poor, we also had a Falsken Water Systems filter kit (“The Heater Treater”) installed at the same time. The unit is connected to the feed water line and basically...
  3. Dgoldfe13

    Aerator adapter help

    Assistance finding a Aerator adaptor. Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask this. But, I bought a PUR faucet filter. Our faucet has a recessed aerator. When I unscrew the part with the plastic aerator in it. The part that screws into the main faucet stem is about the size of a penny. The...
  4. J

    Is There a Kitchen Faucet with 2 Water Sources?

    Has anyone ever seen a kitchen sink faucet that can switch between 2 water sources? Kind of like the water guns that bars use to switch between soda/water, but for a household kitchen sink? We are getting an under-sink Reverse Osmosis water filter soon, and looking at options to not drill a...
  5. D

    Trying to determine where to install water filter

    Hello all, I recently moved into a house built in 72 on a well. I have taken some pictures in the hopes of getting some guidance on where I should install a water filter (and understanding whats going on in general). I would like to install a UV filter for bacteria as well as one or possibly...
  6. jacket

    How do I install a drinking water system in cramped cupboard?

    I want to install a drinking water filter system under my sink but it looks very cramped and I don't know which pipe to take the water from. Can anyone advise please? I was planning to use this Everpure filter but I'm happy to use another if this is too fiddly...
  7. T

    Gas Fired 40 Gallon Water Heater Recommendations

    Hi, My 15 year old (12 year warranty) Whirlpool gas heated 40 gallon water heater needs to be replaced. I had to replace the heating element a few times. Which make/model 40 gallon gas fired water heater do you recommend? Hopefully, it will have a more dependable heating element. Also, I'm...
  8. monkeywrench

    Water filter swap

    I am planning to replace a model year 2015 GE Profile 3-cartridge RO System with a new GXWH04F "whole house" single-cartridge filter under the kitchen counter, and would like to avoid re-plumbing by using the same drinking water faucet and plastic lines already installed. Our home water...