Q: Replacing a dip tube in a gas water heater

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Feb 7, 2014
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UPDATE: Just replaced the water heater; it was a fairly straightforward job. The hardest part was to lift it up to the stand.

I peeked inside the old WH. The cold nipple is all by itself, there is no dip tube attached to it. The tube seems to have broken off completely some years ago. I am not surprised...

Thank you, everyone!
That dip tube didn't break off, it may have rotted, much like when your faucet fell off. This was a problem in some tanks in the 90's. When this happened to me I noticed the decrease in hot water and when I checked the lines at shut offs they were blocked with whitish/grey plastic pieces. Didn't know at the time but that was my dip tube, at least what remained of it. I think you would do well to check all hot water lines going to fixtures, dishwashers, shower heads and washing machines, etc. for such blockages. I ran water through the lines for a bit to help flush any remaining pieces. Congrats on the new water heater.

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