Can't Find Source of Shower Water Seapage

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Dec 10, 2019
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I have a builder-grade framed shower enclosure that is leaking water near bottom drywall and baseboard. Shower is 14 years old. I recalked suspected area on and around shower door and frames with clear silicone and then after drying 3 days water tested area and it did not leak. I thought I I fixed the issue because I took a shower and it did not leak but once both myself and my wife took separate showers it started leaking again. I think it has something to do with something being clogged up and length of shower time. I have researched that weep holes could be clogged up but I'm not sure if I have weep holes in the drain see attached pictures. I have an old Oatley Caspers drain with black rubber gasket on top but no weep holes I'm wondering if weep holes are up under black gasket but I'm afraid to lift it and damage it.Any suggestions?IMG_20191202_111903.jpg IMG_20191202_112045.jpg IMG_20191202_111929.jpg IMG_20191202_111910.jpg


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Apr 1, 2014
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south jersey
There are no weep holes in that drain. The sealing is by the rubber against the pvc. The seal between the drain and the fiberglass pan could be leaking (dried up caulk) or the rubber pvc connection could be dried up. The clogged comment... does the water back up? The hardest fix is if the drain caulking is ng because the rubber part can be replaced. If the chrome to fiberglass connection is no good the shower has to come out. If you buy a 2" rubber expansion plug and install it in the pvc pipe and put a quart of water in the shower it will aid in diagnosis of the problem

Jeff Handy

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Jul 5, 2019
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What is that seam higher up on the shower wall?

Can water be getting under there?

You might also have a leak around the shower valve trim plate.
Or behind the wall inside the valve or the cartridge.

Or the shower riser ell can leak at or behind the wall.

The shower arm can leak where it threads into the riser ell.

Or your new caulking was less than meticulous, and needs to be all removed and done perfectly.
New caulk does not stick well to old caulk.