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  1. C

    new electric water tank | flush water 'lukewarm' for first few minutes...

    Last summer I had a brand new electric hot water tank installed -- a 50g State ProLine unit. Ths past week-end,I did a tank flush, when I noticed something I wanted to ask about -- when I was draining the water out of the tank, no sediment at all (good!), but...for the first 5-6 minutes, the...
  2. P

    Rinnai Tankless - strong vibration

    Hello, Amateur plumber here. I installed a Rinnai tankless water heater a couple months ago and it’s awesome. The only problem that I can figure out is that when we use the shower or washing machine(both pull a lot of hot water), the water heater has a massive, loud, house shaking vibration for...
  3. P

    I added a hot water recirculating pump to an existing dedicated hot water return line. Does the setup look acceptable?

    I added 5 feet of 1/2 in. Type L copper pipe. I connected it to the existing hot water return line which has gate and check valves. The second picture shows the connection of the new pipe to existing gate valve with a SharkBite elbow. That run is 6 inches. The third picture shows the hot water...
  4. S

    $520 to replace (soldered) water supply lines to hot water heater?

    I have a pinhole leak in the cold water supply line to my hot water heater. Not my area of expertise. Apparently it's soldered to the wall connection. Quote from plumber to replace both the cold water supply line as well as the hot water out line, and doing so with the standard threaded...
  5. S

    Gas water heater burner flame condition

    We've had a rental 40 gallon natural gas Rheem water heater for 16 years. It ran beautifully and unless you were in the laundry room with it, you would never know it was heating. Even standing in the same room you would only hear a very subtle burner noise. We thought we'd be proactive and...
  6. P

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater.

    Plumbing/water heater- spots recently on ceiling downstairs, 2 story house. Condensation??? New water heater. Live in same subdivision now for 20 years but could happen anywhere. Got a new water heater in September on 2nd floor in a tiny closet. In that closet is a metal aluminum vent and also...
  7. F

    Comic relief, but what is leak source? How bad is it?

    The water heater in this home has buildup, I assume of minerals from the water? I haven't found any pictures of any this bad on the web sso thought I'd post, enjoy. I don't know the impact on water quality, but there are certainly some safety concerns related to the lack of exhaust draft.
  8. J

    Gas water heater pilot light question

    Hello everyone my question is how much gas should the pilot on a hot water heater use? Should I see the dial in my gas meter turn? It turns slowly about one rotation every 20-30 min so about 1. Cubic foot per 40 min - hour
  9. chandlerp

    Water heater - incorrect plumbing?

    Hello all, I created an account to simply ask this question. If it comes across ignorant, please ignore lol. I had recently purchased my home (about 6 months ago) and the seller had installed a new water heater right before selling the home to me. Fast forward today, I asked a plumber to fix a...
  10. T

    Turning on Water in Home after Months/Years?? Loud groaning noise.

    This might be a very newcomer inquiry: We have a double-wide on our property that some family might settle in within the next few months. But I recently turned on the water/switch after the house had been sitting shut-off for a while (we'd turn the power and water on every few months.) This time...
  11. T

    Tankless Heater Failure

    Hello! New here, not sure if this is the right place to post. We just moved into a home with an older tankless water heater made by a brand that doesn't exist anymore. A few days back it stopped working and starting giving an error message of 11, with an occasional 12 thrown in. The company...
  12. Armstrongap

    Water hammer at hot water heater

    I’m hearing what sounds like a water hammer in the pipes near my hot water heater(tank). With no water running, it knocks about every few seconds to a few minutes. I turned off the water heater at the breaker, electric only. Waited a day and used up what hot water was left. The knocking...
  13. C

    Vacuum Breaker Sizings

    Hey all, I have a couple vacuum breaker sizing issues that I need to sort out. I'm not a professional plumber and I've been asked to explain sizing issues with vacuum breakers in specific situations (this is a weird one, I know). All the information they gave me is this: 'Provide a few sizing...
  14. D

    Cold Water not going into Tank

    I recently replaced my water heater and also the hoses that connect to the pipes in the wall. I did have to reem on the wall pipes pretty good, but do not feel I broke or bent then in any way. However, with everything connected and ready to go, I turn on the cold water valve, and it flows for...
  15. J

    Dielectric Union Needed?

    I just had a Rheem Power Vent unit installed. The technician installed the copper pipe from the house directly to the two heat trap nipples. The nipples are silver in color so I assume made of steel. I contacted Rheem to confirm if those nipples acted as dielectric unions and their response...
  16. C

    Small copper line on top of water heater pipe

    i noticed there is a small copper pipe that is disconnected from the fitting on the main pipe on top of the water heater and I am unsure of its purpose. I had a family relative remodel our laundry room 2.5 years ago and he made a lot of mistakes with the plumbing. I am wondering if he forgot to...
  17. Andrei

    replacing valves

    Hello, thank you for looking at this post, hopefully you can share some of your knowledge with me... ----------------------------------------------- Issue: None-functioning Taco 006 Circulator, causing low to no heat in the house. ----------------------------------------------- SPECS: Unit...
  18. H

    New Pressure Relief Valve Leaks

    My water heater TPR valve was leaking - not much - couple ounces/day. I replaced it. It's still leaking. Not quite as much, but it still dumps a couple ounces/day. Even if both temperature settings are set low (both the same, 120 degrees). Does this mean the water heater is bad? It's a...
  19. L

    Circuit for heat exchanger water heaters

    Hi, I'm a bit stuck on a hot water circuit that I'm trying to come up with for a small guest house. I have 6 water heaters with built-in heat exchangers that I'm planning to connect to a loop, itself fed by a solar water heater and/or a heat pump. I came up with 3 options (see drawings), but...
  20. B

    Water heater leak from top. Am I on the right track?

    I have a probably 13 yr old water heater, so I know its getting up there. I just got a leak on what looks to be the hot water outlet. (The leak is hot). It doesnt look to be the joint, and it seems to be coming from under the cover/red cap. I found some threads talking about dielectric...