washer drain line

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  1. Mr_Taon

    Washing Machine Drain Addition

    Hello, I had a question about the way my handyman installed our washer drain. He tapped in below the 2” sink drain that is already there, added a p trap and installed it to to the washer drain and connection housing. should I be worried about the drainage of the washer. He told me it’s fine...
  2. G

    Gurgling and overflow washer drain pipe

    Hi! Having an issue with my washer drain pipe making gurgling sounds when water from other sources are used. If the washer or multiple other sources are used, it overflows. Everything else in the house drains fine. I replace the washer drain yesterday and but still have the same issue. I dried...
  3. G

    Sick of mopping up the floor

    I have been having trouble with my washer machine drain overflowing after large loads . The grey washer machine hose drains into the 2” standpipe which sits about 1 1/2 ft higher than the washer. After a few overflows, I tried a new, taller standpipe and that did not help. Above the Sani-tee is...
  4. J

    Draining sink & washer to same standpipe?

    All, thanks in advance for the help. I’d like to add a utility sink near my washer. Currently there is one standpipe, shown in the picture and it does not vent through the roof, also no trap. Is it a big deal to drain both a sink and washer into the pipe? I planned to expand left [pic] for the...
  5. Keith Martin

    Washer drain line backing up even after I thought line was clear

    Had what I thought was a simply fixed problem. Washer drain line was backing up. Snaked the line at least 20'-30' before getting the cable stuck. Not sure if it got hung up on the clog or a fitting or joint in the line, but the cable was ruined after much effort to remove it. When it finally...