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  1. L

    Wall hung toilet replacement

    I am attempting to replace a wall hung toilet in my parents house in prep for sale. (The 50 year old toilet was installed when the house was built, and is cracked/leaking on the floor of the bathroom when flushed). Replacement is an American Standard 2882.107 Glenwall. The closet carrier...
  2. B

    Broken toilet elbow

    I recently moved into a new house. Upon inspecting one of the toilets i ended up having to replace its pvc flange as it had completely shattered. The problem is that while chipping away at the old flange i accidentally pierced through the elbow joint just about a quarter of an inch below where...
  3. M

    Regular Toilet/Shower Drain Clogs

    I live in a split-level house and have lived here for about 6 years. The bathroom in the basement was redone - likely by a DIY'er - before we bought the house. Periodically, over the last three years the waste vent will clog and backup both the shower and the toilet. I believe it's also...
  4. A

    Low Toilet Bowl Levels

    Over the last few months I have noticed 3 of the 4 toilets in the house are not filling the bowl where they used too. I know this because we are on well and septic and have very hard water and can see where the original line was by a small iron ring around the bowl. Two are 2 years old and one...
  5. T

    Toilet won't flush, not sure what to try next

    I want to start by saying I only know the basics about plumbing so I may ask for clarification on some things. As the title states I have a toilet that won't flush. This toilet is in the master bathroom. This started about a week ago and since then I've tried several things to try and determine...
  6. E

    Broken Mointing Ear

    One mounting ear snapped off the overflow tube, now the flapper is all lopsided and needs to manually centered after flushing. Should I snap off the other ear and get a flapper that just mounts over the tube? The tube doesn’t look replaceable. Looks like it’s part of the whole tank...
  7. C

    Wax Ring Replacement

    so my son decided a toy was a good thing to flush down the toilet. I was able to remove the toilet and get it out. I was in the process of replacing the wax ring when a chunk of the wax about the size of a grape tomato fell down the pipe when I pulled the old one off. I tried getting it out but...
  8. R

    Bathroom drainage layout

    Hi there I’m installing a new bathroom (with neighbouring separate toilet room) on the first floor, and would like some help to know the best way to connect the drains together. The toilet drain will run in the joist space (approx. 17cm/4.5" high) horizontally approx. 1.5m/4.5 feet, then bend...
  9. S

    Funky nagging toilet issue-backing up and slow draining-all intermittent.

    Ok here goes. I have a 3 story home with a bathroom on each floor and all are above each other which I assume that means they are on a shared drain line and vent stack. Im having a devil of a time figuring out what the real issue is thats troubling the toilets. I keep thinking I have a venting...
  10. U

    Toilet not flushing, shower is gurgling/bubbling, and smells like poop

    Hello - first time poster! Per my subject line, I tried flushing my downstairs toilet and it was clogged. Then... the shower started gurgling as well and making bubbling sounds. I am thinking it is due to a clog with my wife's hair. What can I do to try to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    Mystery Toilet Flushing Issue

    Having an issue with a toilet that has trouble flushing and no one seems to know what to do about it. I'm not the most plumbing savvy guy and any advice and wisdom would be much appreciated! My wife and I rent an old home in Florida. Supposedly, the waste lines are clay(but I can't confirm...
  12. L

    Toilet brand?

    What brand is this toilet?
  13. A

    Replacing sewer lines= more problems

    Rooter Hero (San Jose) just replaced our sewer line's pipes (ghost flushing occurred for a week or two prior to clog) for 26 grand- pretty sure we got screwed due to our location and age of owner (86 year old grandfather) ...right away we had a multitude of new issues: 1) upstairs toilet...
  14. Phicksur

    Lead around a cast iron drain pipe?

    I was doing some home improvement and the phlange under the toilet was completely corroded where the screws were so I started taking it out and the stuff between the phlange and the iron drain pipe just didn't want to come out. I have managed to get some of it out and it's a metal, soft enough...
  15. B

    Gulping toilet

    Moved into a condo in a 9 story building. Nice comfy toilets that make an awful gulping, or gluging, sound at the end of the flush; quite loud. I notice that the tank is marked 1.6gal, and the flush valve(?) is marked 1.28gal. I have no idea if this difference make a difference, or what the heck...
  16. M

    Flush valve for Villeroy & Boch Carolla toilet

    Previous owners left me with a Villeroy & Boch Carolla toilet. Just yesterday it started running non-stop. I believe the issue is with the flush valve but I can't seem to get it working. Any ideas where this part is available? I am in the US. Also is there anything special about this toilet...
  17. E

    Any idea about Toilet Safety valve-flapper for rats!

    Hi all, Probably a discussion regarding rats in toilets has been done before but couldn't find through the search. Within a week, two rats visited us in the bathroom. I discussed this with my landlord and he is fine for any protection. Has anyone installed Toilet safety valves/flapper in a...
  18. T

    What type of Washers to Use Between Toilet and Water Tank

    Hi, Basement toilet was leaking between the toilet tank and toilet. I replaced the rubber washers on the two bolts between the toilet and porcelain water tank on the back of the toilet. Not sure sure how tight to make the connection between the tank/toilet. Snugged the connection then...
  19. D

    My toilet has lost its oomph!

    When I flush my toilet, all the water goes down the drain as it should. But solid waste does not; it takes 2 or 3 flushes for that to go down. (and no- there has been no change in my solid waste!) A plumber checked my toilet and said that he didn't notice anything wrong with it, but there...
  20. kharrisma

    Strange sort of flush-valve retaining system?

    Hi Forum Folke, My old flush valve needs replacement (leaking water constantly). I changed the flapper (OEM part), but it still leaks, just not as badly as before, so I'm assuming the valve seat is no good either, necessitating complete valve replacement. The existing valve ( Certain Seal 400...