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  1. D

    Gas boiler, no heat to second floor.

    I have 3 zones and the 2nd floor gets no heat, I bleed the lines and no water would come out. I filled the lines with a hose, still nothing. I added a Watts feed/pressure regulated and a few shark bites. There is no feeder in this furnace set up.
  2. W

    Need help with clogged sink.

    Ok so this is clogged or something and it won't go down... I have snaked the p trap and then just replaced all the p trap pipes with new ones as well as replaced the vent and nothing worked so now I'm trying to snake the pipe in the picture because it seems to be clogged here but its not...
  3. DIYEnthusiast

    Male Adapters & Ball Valve Soldered Correctly onto Cold-water Inlet & Hot-water Outlet Pipes?

    Seeking second opinions on whether joints/connections look secure. Recently had a plumber do the following: (1) Remove corrugated copper pipes and solder on male adapters for stainless-steel connector. (2) Remove old cold-water supply shut off valve and solder on lead-free copper-alloy ball...
  4. S

    Who to hire for...

    I am looking to be the project manager for my own bathroom renovation and would like to know who should I be hiring to build the shower base, framing, waterproofing and drain installation. Is it the carpenter, plumber or both need to work together?