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    Bathtub Knobs Help me plz

    I want to replace my bathtub knobs but i cant find a suitable replacement for it, can you guys help me locate a good replacement thats fits because im using a wrench to turn off and on my cold water right now.
  2. A

    Vintage faucet knobs/handles

    Hi, I am in search for some vintage plastic hot and cold knobs. I have been searching for some time. Where can I find, In need. Thanks
  3. B

    Weird Symmons shower valve problem. I’m a novice folks.

    Folks. I have a 3 year old Symmons S-4700-TRM in my shower. Entire bathroom was gutted and installed at that time. The handle on my Symmons that turns the shower water on and adjusts the water temp used to be “shut off” when it was in the 3 o’clock position. The other day I felt a funny feeling...
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    Need help identifying Shower Control Valve

    I need to replace the handle to a shower, it is a single control (shower only, no diverter). It is a ball type valve turn left for hotter right for colder, water flow is increased by moving handle up, all the way down to shutoff. The handle is attached via a allen screw in the bottom of the knob...