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    Is This a Backwater Valve Cover? How to get it off?

    After confirming that the main line and the city/county portion of the lateral from our backwater valve to the street are clear, they camera'ed from the backwater valve back to the house. It revealed what is believed to ba another backwater valve in my basement. This is a 95+ year old house...
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    Tub Overflow Cover Broken Off

    Hi everyone, The plastic that holds the screw for my tub's overflow broke off. Lowe's told me that I would need to pull the entire tub out and replace the whole overflow/drain setup in order to repair. Is there an easier solution to hold the overflow cover up? The tub is tiled into place and...
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    Tub overflow trouble

    I recently finished up a remodel of a bathroom. Had a plumber do the rough-in for me quite a while back. Now I am trying to complete the finish work to include the tub overflow, but run into this issue where I have threads protruding from the tub overflow hole?im thinking I should be able to...