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May 19, 2023
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I have fixed everything on the house side, new pressure tank (set at 38psi), pressure gauge, pressure switch (40/60), checked all plumbing isn’t blocked up. I have good pressure for about 5 cycles of the pump kicking off at 60 psi and turning on at 40psi like it’s suppose to, but then all of a sudden it will kick on at 40 and then just drop to 5-15psi and stay there with only two faucets open. Seems the well isn’t pushing enough water at times but works great other times. If I let pressure build back to 60 and well shuts off it will restart the cycle again. Another 5 cycles and it looses pressure again. I can hear the well running even though it’s loosing pressure and only staying at the 5-15psi.

Any ideas? I have checked the entire house side for leaks and don’t see any. Fearing my problem is outside and down 😭😭😭

I tried to upload videos but it won’t let me
Nm figured it out, it was the check valve at the bottom of the pipe, also pump had a bad check valve
When those check valves give up, they cause instant havoc. Glad you figured it out.
Yeah I did, bought the $80 tool to undo the pitless adapter and then pulled it, luckily it was only 25’ and was actually really easy. The well was from 2004 so it’s been there since then
Being almost 20 years old, I would have probably put a new one in. Hopfully it lasts a long time for you.
Being almost 20 years old, I would have probably put a new one in. Hopfully it lasts a long time for you.
had it flow tested and it was pumping excellent still! Luckily if it does go the well was extremely easy to pull since it was so shall, took about 5 mins to pull and another 5 about to put back in!
One check valve on the pump is the only one you want in a pump system. A failed check valve is just one of many signs that the pump is cycling on and off too much. Solving that problem can also give you much stronger constant pressure in the house compared to what you have now.


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