water tested and received recommended parts list. good solution? cheaper solution?

Discussion in 'General Plumbing Help' started by dalearyous, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I live on a piece of property with one well. Our water has a lot of iron and manganese supposedly. Our whole home water filtration system is old and its now at the point where the water is not drinkable, its staining everything, and its ruining clothes. I sent the water off to be tested. Results:

    hardness: 2.5 gpg
    TDS: 51 mg/l
    Iron: 4.74 mg/l
    Manganese: 0.545 mg/l
    Nitrates: 0 mg/l
    pH: 6.0

    It was recommended that I purchase a neutralizer, softener, and an iron filter. specifically:

    impressions plus 2.5 cube metered acid neutralizer - $1090
    water-right sanitizer plus; CR-200 - $2558
    filter housing $69
    filter iron removal 1"x20" - $112

    A couple other odds and ends put the price right at $4k. Can anyone recommend a similar solution for less?

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