Was this once a toilet drain? And can it be converted?

Discussion in 'General Plumbing Help' started by shansen81, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Nov 17, 2017
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    Hey everyone,

    I was cleaning out my basement in our recently purchased home and I found this hidden under some loose boards on the floor. My *guess* is that there was once a toilet hooked up to it. The upstairs bathroom toilet drains into the ground about 7 or 8 feet away from it on the right. The toilet drain is the same distance from the wall as this cap in the floor (which I'm guessing is keeping the sewer smell out of the house).


    The white cap is soft plastic - like the kind of plastic that a disposable cup would be made out of (like a Solo cup or a plastic cup that you'd keep by the bathroom sink). There's sand around the cap that's about an inch deep.

    So is it reasonable to say that this was a toilet drain? Or could it be something else?

    And finally... if it is a toilet drain (or any other type of drain) then would we be able to convert it into a drain for a clothes washer?


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