Steam pipes - most of the elbows are very crusty - will they leak soon? What can I do?

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May 21, 2023
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New jersey
The thread look ok - but the elbows all look crusty - will they leak soon? What can I do? What about the ones burried in the walls and ceilings?

My guess is that it is remnants of some old insulation that used to encase the elbows mixed in with some surface rust. I would not worry.
I'd bet 50 bucks at least that first picture of the elbow is left over from mudded asbestos fitting. If you wire brush it wet it down first. And yes I would insulate if you have access. You want to keep your steam as steam as long as possible for efficiency.

I think you nailed it - i think one elbow remains - looks like old asbestos or something - I will wear mask - wet it down well and be careful when I clean it up. I will cover these pipes again - I will get some correctly sized fiberglass to cover these. Thanks!