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May 6, 2021
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Maybe I just need to vent, however after 1 season at the cottage with well water it appears that the media is loaded with iron. After regeneration I get brown water and need to flush from a bib about 20 gallons to clear the water. This softener does a great job as water test prove. When we open up for the spring the raw iron can be as high as 3.0 ppm but goes down to as much as 0.8 ppm as the season goes on. At this point I will try to flush the media with 2 different products first the AQ Smith liquid that is advised (tried already) now going to try iron out. My question I guess is after flushing (regenerating) do I need to regenerate several times without the added cleaner? Or will there still be residual iron in the media tank.
With that much iron you need an iron filter before the softener. Softeners are not a great way to remove iron and the iron will contaminate the resin. Iron removal products can remove iron from the resin but you definitely should get an iron filter before the softener.
yes I really haven't looked into that but I quess it is time, I just didn't think that amount of iron was that high.