Plumb a waste dump?

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John Gratton

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Mar 19, 2019
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Hi, I am building a house in Hawaii and now have the septic system installed (professionally, as per law, 1000 gal tank, 12x24 leach field).

Theft and vandalism is a real problem in this area of Hawaii so I live on the lot in a small cabin. 12x16. I have a bucket w attached toilet seat which I use for human waste. I've been dumping into whatevers convenient; public toilet, porta potty...

My question is; can I attach some plumbing to the septic so I can dump my bucket there?

I'm thinking a small bucket attached to a toilet flange leading to a trap going to the tank. Do I need a vent? (The bucket is just a funnel, making it so I don't spill the waste bucket).

I checked with the health department and "if someone complains, it's a $200 fine". I'm not sure why anyone would complain, other then the plumber who plumbs the house, so I asked a local plumber friend and he said this kind of thing is done all the time

I'd ask hime this question but hes busy and i don't like taking up his time on things he's not getting paid for.

Thanks in advance