Patina on copper pipes

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Feb 7, 2014
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I had a pretty serious long term leak happen at our kitchen sink drain which ran down into the finished wall in the basement where I have a rough-in kitchen. After removing all insulation, drywall and existing mold, I was told to leave it exposed and test for leaks around a window on that wall to see if that was the source (this was before I found the leak in the kitchen drain pipe). All the copper and ABS there looked normal, i.e. clean, right color. Having left the wall open, the copper in this area is now turning green at a pretty good rate.

At first I thought this was happening because it got wet from the leak but when I took out the insulation and such it was the normal copper color, as mentioned. I did bleach the concrete walls down to clean off mold and washed the wall down after that so some probably got on the copper. I also used concrobium at a pretty good soak after the bleach. I'm left thinking the only reason they are green is because they are exposed and that can't be true or a good thing. I believe I'm going to replace what's there with PEX but I am interested in knowing what happened. Thanks

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