Old Church to Residential Reno - Basement Plumbing

Discussion in 'General Plumbing Help' started by Emmahenrygus, Dec 9, 2013.

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    This is the bathroom of the church we bought. We're converting to a home. It had a men's room and a lady's room with lots of wood paneling :)

    The photo on the left is what I have. The drawing on the right is what I'm thinking of doing. Basically that drawing can be superimposed on the photo. Is this code worthy? Is there anything I'm not seeing?

    It would be the size of pipe indicated, with single and double Y-fittings and 45 degree elbows for the most part. Whatever will give a smooth flow. And the main vent stack will essentially start going vertical about where that toilet flange in the back is.

    And then the sink - I read that if water from a large vent passes a smaller vent it may cause aspiration. This is a pretty compact system, so I don't know... Run it back to the tub/shower vent in red ink or not? Also, I don't know if there's enough room to make that loop back to the 4" main in the black ink.

    Hope that makes sense.



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