Liner vs percore(?) cleaning of sewer line in basement?

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Jan 11, 2016
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House was built in 1964. I have a sewage line (original) in my basement that runs from the main stack, diagonally across/under the concrete basement floor to the corner of the foundation (about 28 ft long) where there is a trap that then meets the lateral to the main sewage line that runs out to the street. About 10 years ago the trap and the entire lateral from the service entrance at the house to the street was replaced. Recently there was a backup in the basement and it was due to tissues getting hungup in the trap at the entrance to the house because the cast iron pipe is flaking and slowing the flow at the trap. The guy that did a camera inspection of the line in the basement showed me that considerable flaking of the cast iron line was occurring but his concern was that at a couple of places in the line there was channeling at the bottom of the cast iron pipe that tends to pool the water. The effect is the waste water slows down when it exits and the reduced flow would probably result in another blockage at some point down the road.

He proposed two solutions: percore (?) approach where they put in a chain cutting head to descale the pipe and then hydrojet and put in a cleanout at the stack (about $3.5K) or, put in a liner from the stack to the trap and also put in a cleanout at the stack (about $8K). He said the pecore approach would take off more of the pipe and could make the areas where it is channeled thinner which may in time rot out the pipe in the bottom.

So my questions are:

Any other alternative solutions (not digging up pipe) ?

Any concerns with the percore approach? (besides taking more of the pipe off).

Do the prices seem ‘reasonable’?

The people that quoted this are one of the ‘rooter’ orgs, would local independents be more cost effective?




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Aug 23, 2018
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Pipe bursting. Where they install a new pipe by breaking the old cast iron and sliding a new pipe in to the void where it was. Not available in all areas, and kind of spendy.


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Jan 20, 2018
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Boston, Massachusetts
I think I would be weary of the chain cutter head ,I work for a large college
We had a stoppage we tried to clear it with a snake, we ended up calling aco we use for bigger jetting jobs, so they put a camera down the drain it was full of rocks so they jetted it a few times and put the camera in rocks were still there
They ended up using a jet head that spun in the drain after using the camets it was spotless this drain was about 100 years old ask if that co can just jet