House to Septic Tank Drain

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Jul 23, 2020
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My wife and I are going through considerable issues with our septic line on a home that is about 2.5 years old. The builder is involved and is covering expenses of repair. I do have some questions for the consensus here in hope of avoiding another catastrophe in another few years.

The septic system was passed by my local health department during the build, and I do not have any plugging issues. What happened is the concrete above the line started to sink, so I had it removed to fix. Mudjacking was not an option due to the pipe beneath.

My landscaper said the soil under the concrete would not compact and acted like jello. We had a plumber run a camera up and noted that there as about a 10 foot belly acting like a p-trap under the concrete and into a paver patio. The 4" sewer line is in a about a 30 foot sleeve of thin walled 6" pipe. During the excavation, we noticed the pipe did have a leak that was making it out the sleeve into the dirt.

Here are a few questions I want to understand prior to getting the repair done. I have attached some pictures of the line.

1. Do we need to excavate the boggy wet contaminated soil out prior to repairing the new line?

2. The sleeve didn't help us since the ground settled and the the belly formed. I suspect just swapping out the line would have caused the belly to recur due to lack of ground support.

3. How can I know that the ground beneath is sufficiently compacted to reasonably hope to avoid this again in a couple years.

4. The sleeve is about 30 ft long. I am wondering in what ways the pipe could fail inside the sleeve that would simply allow one to cut, slide it out and slide a new one in. Since my basement is unfinished, would that be where it would be pulled out from?

5. Is there a way to sleeve the line that would allow one to safely mudjack concrete above if it were to settle in the future.

Thank you!