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Sep 3, 2023
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Austin TX
I'd like to route my clothes washer discharge to (optionally) water the garden. Worried that hot wash water could damage plants. Is there a standard solution for this situation?

Is there a general best practice for watering with gray water? Use a buffer tank and let it drip out slowly? Is it allowable to use both wash and rinse water, or if not, a way to automatically select between?
I dump grey water straight from my washing machine and all my trees and plants love it. I wash in hot water about 2 times a week and no problem so far.

It’s against our plumbing code but no one’s caught me yet and my lawn looks awesome. I won the yard of the month 3 times in 5 yrs.
Check the temp of your wash water at the time and point of discharge.

I have an outdoor shower that I let 110 degree + water out into the backyard in the summer. No problems with the grass around it, it all looks great.
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