Cost of install of a new tankless water heater and Bosch or Navien

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Feb 17, 2024
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I'm looking to replace my 40 gallon water heater with a propane tankless water heater. I already have propane at my house and a propane line already exist near the wall I want to install the tankless unit... which is also where the existing water heater is. I've received several estimates for both a Navien and Bosch unit. And the cost of the unit and labor have been about equal with all estimates... $6500 (update NY). Is that excessive since I see these units actually cost approxiametly $2000. I like the company that is pitching the Bosch unit (T9800 SEO 199) but I'm finding it hard to justify that cost for a tankless water heater. Any thoughts?
Tankless is frankly hard to justify unless you look at the 20 year time horizon and the benefits of endless hot water if that is a factor for you. Yes, with condensing tankless you get 95%+ AFUE and hopefully 20 years of service life. But, with descaling (frequency depends on your water minerals), parts/repairs (potentially) it is a stretch unless you have the money. $6,500 is in range. Definitely worth trying for lower price from a licensed pro. Navien has installers listed on their website.
If you need a lot of hot water then a tankless is golden.

A family with 3-4 teenagers and a big jaccuzi tub and shower system. Tankless is the only way to go.