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Feb 25, 2022
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Northern Michigan
Hi there everyone,

I am working on a miniature automated tank transfer system using a plc and relays. I am using a seaflow 24v diaphragm pump to move the water from a main reservoir to one of four tanks. Sometimes at the same time. I am using solenoid operated (NC) washing machine inlet valves for both my suction from reservoir to my pump, as well as discharge back into the reservoir. Then I have a 4-valve (same type washing machine solenoid valves) for my inlet to the tanks and discharges from the tank. I have run it one time for 5 minutes just now. (Note to self: My downstairs roommate doesnt like the sound of the pump at 2300. Should have thought of that but I was too damn excited to see the thing work.) With that said, I am a little worried about my choice to use the washing machine valves as my discharge valves. They seem to be leaking by. Though I have one tank full and it is staying at its level. Not sure if the pump operating is creating a low pressure that is allow water to sneak through during operation.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

Thanks in advance!


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If the washing machine valves are leaking by then they’re probably defective.

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