Aerobic system - murky water in last compartment

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Mar 25, 2019
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New to septic systems so excuse my lack of knowledge and terms...

I have an aerobic system that empties into a leach fields (controlled by valve). Last October it was inspected and report said I had 1-2" scum layer thickness and effluent discharge was clear. No alarms have triggered and I hear our air pump running for 30 minutes every 30 minutes (family of 4). When I was out in the yard I lifted last concrete lid (1 of 5) that is normally clear and then empties into 1 of 2 leach fields. Today it was dark and murky. Look to have some type of solid debris also. No smell. Due to be inspected in a couple weeks, but wanted to be prepared for what to ask and what may be reported back to me. We have had a lot of rain this winter so not sure if that can be a factor if water is somehow getting into the system. Any thoughts or knowledge transfer is welcome. Thanks -bk108