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  1. Armstrongap

    Water hammer at hot water heater

    I’m hearing what sounds like a water hammer in the pipes near my hot water heater(tank). With no water running, it knocks about every few seconds to a few minutes. I turned off the water heater at the breaker, electric only. Waited a day and used up what hot water was left. The knocking...
  2. T

    Water hammer arrestor

    Does anyone know of a 3/4 inch water hammer arrestor for pex, or an easy way to do it? (Without using push to connect). Backstory: I replaced a leaking copper pipe with a pex line (3/4 inch) , it runs to a copper pipe which goes to an outdoor sprinkler system. When the system shuts off I...
  3. A

    Outdoor Faucet Timer - Banging Sound when it turns on

    I have an outdoor faucet timer (https://www.amazon.com/Orbit-62061Z-Single-Programmable-1-Valve/dp/B004INGS8S) that goes to a drip system for some plants outdoors. Every time it turns on, I can hear a loud bang inside my house. I tried getting a water hammer arrestor, and it helped, but it's...
  4. Jakal

    Erratic water pressure in home

    Hi, first time poster here! I've been having some issues with the water supply in my home. It started with my refrigerator losing water pressure when using the water dispenser right after I replaced the water filter. Then gradually making 'water hammer' noises when using the water dispenser or...
  5. S

    Combined two water heaters and now have water hammer

    Hoping some experts can chime in and help out. Both my plumber and I are stumped. Here's what we did: 1. Replaced two 50 gallon water heaters in the attic with a 75 gallon in the garage (18" off the floor). The 75 gallon was directly below one of the old 50's in the attic, and we ran...
  6. A

    Water hammer after new washer part installed

    I've never had an issue with water hammer in my house until a couple months ago. The fill valve on our newer LG washer went bad. Because we had the extended warranty I just called the company and they sent a tech. He confirmed it was the fill valve and replaced it the next day. Ever since...