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  1. P

    Reason for usual HW shutoff valve location

    In a conventional system, the standard arrangement is to have a gate valve on the (typically 28mm) cold feed pipe from cistern to cylinder. Out of curiosity, I was wondering why you won't find it on the hw pipe (typically 22mm) going out of the cylinder instead. Of course, positioned after the...
  2. F

    How to install sprayer in toilet while shut off valve does not work

    I want to install a sprayer with the toilet. In order to do that I need to shut off the water supply to the toilet. But my shut off valve is not working when I move it clockwise. How can I install it while shut off valve is still supplying water? I thought about using bucket or similar...
  3. DIYEnthusiast

    Male Adapters & Ball Valve Soldered Correctly onto Cold-water Inlet & Hot-water Outlet Pipes?

    Seeking second opinions on whether joints/connections look secure. Recently had a plumber do the following: (1) Remove corrugated copper pipes and solder on male adapters for stainless-steel connector. (2) Remove old cold-water supply shut off valve and solder on lead-free copper-alloy ball...
  4. Andrei

    replacing valves

    Hello, thank you for looking at this post, hopefully you can share some of your knowledge with me... ----------------------------------------------- Issue: None-functioning Taco 006 Circulator, causing low to no heat in the house. ----------------------------------------------- SPECS: Unit...
  5. F

    Can I replace a sink cartridge with dripping shut off valves?

    Hello. So long story short I noticed my sink beginning to leak as it’s turned off. It’s an old Moen and I read I will need to replace the cartridge. I get the part, begin to turn the main shut offs under the sink and I am getting a little drop still. Can I still replace the cartridge even with...
  6. A

    Gas dryer shutoff value

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I need to install a new shut off valve on the wall gas connection for dryer. I recently ordered a gas dryer from HD and service folks refused to install the dryer without the shutoff valve. Please see the picture of my gas pipe on the wall. Can anyone please let...
  7. A

    What type of water meter shut off valves are these?

    How can I tell if these water mater valves are gate valves or the other kind with the washer and seat? Also do gate valve go bad or do they just need to be repacked? Thanks, Artie.