hot water tank

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  1. K

    Q: Hot Water Tank

    Hey, I have a 40 Gallon John Woods (Pro Series/Energy Star) with the Blue Top Hot water tank (gas) (it's about 7-8 y/o tank) 2nd tank of John woods in this house that i'm living. Just had the thermocouple replaced a month ago. All of the sudden today the pilot won't stay lids. I try to re-light...
  2. D

    Electric Hot water on Demand issues

    Here at work and we have a little electric hot water heater. It had been sitting for a while but I just installed it because the old identical one just died. I properly installed this one and it worked great for 4 days. Today it’s having issues. If you let it sit with it’s 2.7 gallon tank. It...
  3. De-Don

    Time to replace my Gas Hot H2O Heater. Advice?

    MY A.O.Smith FPS40, a NG Power Vented Unit is now leaking profusely out of the bottom of the tank, a trail of trickling HOT water escapes the lower shroud near the front pilot access door and trails down to the concrete floor beneath the metal seat on which the whole unit sits. I can't...