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  1. P

    About cheap, compact electric heating taps

    As an alternative to traditional tankless heaters, aliexpress sells a variety of cheap taps incorporating a heater, for example: US $20.2 49% OFF|ATWFS Instant Tankless Water Heater Tap Instantaneous Faucet Kitchen Water Heater Crane Instant Hot Water Faucet Digital EU Plug|hot water...
  2. P

    Tankless Hot Water Heaters

    Tankless Hot Water Heater: A lot of development of this product since it came out in the US market. Any general thoughts about tankless vs gas fired hot water heater? Do you think the cost is worth it? Maintenance issues/concerns? Other thoughts? Thank you.
  3. Undertaker3106

    Cold Hotwater Base

    Remodeling a late 1800’s 2 story house in South Central PA. Hot water Peerless Boiler with a Becket Burner. Each room has at least one cast iron radiator with a supply and return line. Every room on 2nd floor was a total gut with removal of cast iron radiator and replaced with baseboard heat...
  4. JonnyBoy

    Brainstorming for best hot water solution for home with 8 people

    Redoing plumbing in the house due to mineralized joints and frozen multi-turn valves. Adding in a new water softener, but stuck on best way to provide enough hot water. One issue is basement clearance is 60”, so that knocks out most hybrid heat pump heaters. Fuel available is electric. I...
  5. SurferChicUSA

    PSI and leaking faucet question

    Hi guys! Please bear with me while I try to explain my situation: I’ve been a full-time RV’r for over 25 years, in a total of four vehicles. The plumbing in an RV is similar to that in a stationary home. I’ve installed faucets in my rv as well as in real homes, with no problems (kitchen...