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  1. B

    Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up on Disposal Side

    Hello. I would like to tap into the community's expertise. My issue is this: It seems my wife poured a considerable quantity of rice down the disposal. Afterwards just the disposal side started to back up. If you run the disposal, it empties but backs up on the other side. I removed all the PVC...
  2. Torin

    Purpose for pipe vent; single basin kitchen sink setup

    Hi, We live in Arizona. Pictured is our current setup. We're getting a single basin sink with a new disposal and all new pipes and shut off valves. Circled in red is a 'vent' I think... But I'm not sure what its purpose is and if we need to factor one in to our new setup. If anything it's...
  3. Torin

    Reasonable labor cost for sink, pipes, disposal, and faucet?

    Hi, We live in Arizona (not sure if that matters) and we are remodeling our kitchen. We're having new countertops put in with a new undermount sink provided by the fabricator. The fabricator installs the sink basin of course and we are responsible for everything else. Given the age and poor...
  4. C

    kitchen disposal

    Is there a cover on the bottom of some disposals? If so , can I take that off?I can't find where to put the wrench for unclogging. Thanks. chris