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    Is this Septic Design Adequate?

    The Diagram included shows what was provided during the installation. We just purchased this house 2/20. We requested the tank be pumped and inspected before purchasing. The health inspector did it for some reason, which I just found out. The septic company that did the install, the pump and...
  2. C

    Alternative options for furnace intake and exhaust pipes

    I am looking to replace my deck and need help with redesigning my furnace intake and exhaust pipes. The furnace intake and exhaust pipes with the current design going through the edge of the deck beams are a bit of an eyesore and I have concerns about the structural integrity of the deck framing...
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    Adding Standpipe to Existing Utility Tub line

    Hello, I have an existing utility tub and previously drained my washing machine direct into the utility tub. I would like to add in a washing machine standpipe in addition to the utility tub, but I am unsure about how to design. I thought about either of the designs within the attached (A and...
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    Troubleshooting Main Drainpipe Leakage & Possible Washer Standpipe Design Issue(s)

    I would like to get your recommendations on troubleshooting and fixing main drainpipe leakage and possible washer standpipe design issue(s). Background: One of our younger relatives remodeled our laundry room in our Salt Lake City, UT basement a couple of years ago and we have had some issues...