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  1. Andrei

    Caulk / Silicone to seal around copper pipe

    Need to seal gaps around copper pipe that is coming out of a dry wall.. Looking for a type of silicone / caulk that would do the job without corroding copper pipe.. Any brand recommendation, or type that I can grab from Lowe's or HD? Thanks!
  2. G

    Is there California law regarding asbestos testing before plumber can inspect a leak?

    a week after moving into a 1973 year built house in Costa Mesa California, a leak was noted in the wall. A couple days goes by before Home warranty program sent local plumber out and he looked at the wet wall for a couple seconds and walked out saying we need asbestos testing first before he...
  3. R

    Copper pipe, brass valve, corrosion

    Hi all, Some years ago I installed a brass valve on a hot water pipe just after the heater. It's developed a lot of corrosion - see pic. Almost certain I was told by the vendor that brass to copper was ok. Anyway, I'll replace the valve. Should I install a dielectric union to prevent this...
  4. D

    hole in tub fill copper pipe

    Hi, I have discovered the 1/2" copper pipe that comes from the wall to fill my tub has a hole caused by the set screw + excessive yanking on the shower diverter. Water was leaking back into the wall. The hole into the wall didn't have any caulking or other sealant - I plan to seal it up. What...
  5. M

    Possible failing or staining on copper pipe

    Hello All, was fixing a pinhole leak in my 2" copper drain pipe (from kitchen) and noticed discoloration along the underside of the pipe; most of pipe is dark/blackish, but there is a shinny (like new copper) 'vein' running along the length. Pictures are attached. Don't know if this is...
  6. T

    Need help after new jacuzzi installed -45 min to fill tub

    I need some ideas. My contractor's plumber and the city permit guy don't seem to know what to do and I don't have the money for questionable guys to run up a bill for no reason. We had a cast iron tub which worked fine for 30 yrs. Then we got flooded and decided to put in a jacuzzi...
  7. B

    Copper to IPS valve

    I want to connect the copper Hot and Cold lines to a Thermostatic valve. The Thermostatic valve has three male IPS fittings. I will also need a couple of check valves; most I have seen are female IPS to female IPS. Ideally I'd like to use a union, so I can remove the valve if I have too, but...