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  1. J

    Cast Iron Radiators - BSP to NPT

    Hey Everyone! I'm new here and a homeowner not a professional so take it easy on me :) I'm looking to have my old cast iron radiators replaced with new ones from Paladin Radiators in the UK. Price wise even including shipping these come out quite a bit cheaper than anything I could find in the...
  2. Gabriel Wiley

    Help/Advice needed transitioning ABS to Cast Iron for bathroom sink drain.

    Hi there! First time posting here, Id appreciate any advice you can give me. Im installing a new sink in my bathroom and I can't figure out how to connect the ABS to this 1 1/2" cast iron drain hole. It looks like it's both venting and draining. I'd rather not tear open the drywall and replace...
  3. Kmb72291

    Cast iron plumbing?

    A house I am potentially buying was built in 1955 (Florida). Given the vintage & location, the house was very likely built with cast iron plumbing. The house is ranch style on a crawl space. Sometime between 2005-2008 there was a brand new septic tank put in & then sometime between 2009-2015 the...
  4. G

    PVC to Cast leak

    Today I finally caved and had a plumber replace my main 4” cast in the basement. On top of being very messy and not cleaning up, they left me with a leak. I assume they caulked this with lead and oakum. Is this the preferred method? Why not just cut it slightly before the wye and use a Fernco...
  5. L

    Cast Iron Fitting and Pipe Replacement

    Could anyone provide an estimate to replace a rusted cast iron fitting and waste pipe? Is PVC suggested? What is the likelyhood that the cast iron runs out to the street under the house? My thought is it was likely converted to PVC when the area converted from septic to city. Any input is much...
  6. N

    Help! What to do with old drain pipes coming out of floor before repouring concrete

    Hi there, I recently bought an older home, and I am planning on having the basement floor repoured. Before I do, I want to make sure the plumbing buried in the old concrete is good to go. There is a slop sink in the basement that I would like to keep there. It drains into an old cast iron...
  7. tekoa

    How to get Kerdi shower drain into cast iron flange base?

    I'm a DIYer remodeling an existing bathroom. My plan is to use Schulter's system for waterproofing including the appropriate Kerdi drain. The old shower drain flange might be hard for me to remove. In large part, because I don't know how it is attached. I looked at the Kerdi Drain with...