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  1. D

    Help with a "builder" basement shower drain rough in

    Hey all, happy holidays. I am finishing the basement and the home came with a "builder" rough in for a bathroom down there. I've completed the toilet, vanity and shower water supply lines. Looking at where the shower drain is, its off center. I'm not sure what to do with it or what I am really...
  2. D

    Novice plumber - Basement finish with bathroom

    Good day everyone- What a forum. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and I am ready to learn. Glad to be here. I am working on finishing my basement. Im onto the bathroom plumbing. The builder looks to have somewhat roughed in for a bathroom. Ive attached some pictures. Im unsure what...
  3. J

    Draining sink & washer to same standpipe?

    All, thanks in advance for the help. I’d like to add a utility sink near my washer. Currently there is one standpipe, shown in the picture and it does not vent through the roof, also no trap. Is it a big deal to drain both a sink and washer into the pipe? I planned to expand left [pic] for the...
  4. B

    New construction basement toilet plumbing not flowing

    Hi, I'm trying to help my son finish his basement on a new house (built 1 year ago). 3 stubs were plumbed for the basement bathroom. Our initial activities: 1. Shower drain was capped (no shower being put in) 2. Sink drain was cut to place vanity (temporarily taped top until final plumbing...
  5. S

    Mystery Floor Drain

    Hey Plumbers - I could use some help identifying what's going on with this drain. Moved into a new place and the cats managed to pull up the floor drain cover since it wasn't screwed down and they'll mess with anything that isn't screwed down. This drain's in the basement floor near the washing...
  6. M

    Regular Toilet/Shower Drain Clogs

    I live in a split-level house and have lived here for about 6 years. The bathroom in the basement was redone - likely by a DIY'er - before we bought the house. Periodically, over the last three years the waste vent will clog and backup both the shower and the toilet. I believe it's also...
  7. S

    Need Help with Basement Bathroom Venting/Plumbing

    I'm starting to plan a bathroom in my basement. When my house was built, there was some preparation for a bathroom. I can see where the toilet and shower drains are. I see two pipes coming from the floor where the sink will be. I want to understand how to determine which pipe is the sink...
  8. Ryan S Persitza

    Code check, Rough in of kitchen basement sink

    I have > 135 degrees of turn is an additional cleanout required? I will be using a fully shielded cupling. Located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin
  9. M

    RV tub in basement bathroom?

    Hello All, My wife has been asking me if I could install a tub in our Basement bathroom for a while now. The only issue is that is it a tight space, and I do not want to break the tile/ concrete. I did a little research and I am thinking about installing a platform to hide and all the...
  10. S

    Is this allowed/how to fix?

    I was told that even though this ties into the main stack, it is not allowed due to it being on a 45 degree angle + it will create a siphon. Is that correct? Additionally, if it is not allowed, there is another vent stack (2") on the other side of the bathroom that I could tie into - not sure...
  11. A

    Rowhome built on spring - alternatives to sump pump?

    I was considering buying a rowhome in Baltmore that seems to be built on a spring. In the basement there is a sump pump with a backup pump. There is water visibly running into the sump pump at all times (it looks like two hoses are turned on and pouring into the pump) The pump empties into the...