RV tub in basement bathroom?

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Mat B

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Sep 6, 2018
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Hello All,
My wife has been asking me if I could install a tub in our Basement bathroom for a while now. The only issue is that is it a tight space, and I do not want to break the tile/ concrete. I did a little research and I am thinking about installing a platform to hide and all the pluming and putting the tub right on that. I am also thinking about using an RV tub to save some space and because our basement steps are narrow. I found a few different sizes 24"x36", 24"x40", and even a 24"x46". I know RV tubs aren't the most sturdy things in the world, but living in a south philly row home it may be my only option. My question to you all is, Has anyone had any experience with a project like this? Has anyone installed an RV tub in their home? and are there any special permits i need to proceed with the project?