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Default Possible leak.

I have a well that ties into a kinetics water softener in the garage. The water softener loop is buried and the cold water comes in somewhere in the foundation.

The problem I'm having is the sound of running water that can be heard at either end of the house. I have used a stethoscope (used for cars not doctor type) and when placed on any cold water line in the house the noise can be heard. Moving upstream when the stethoscope is put on either the input or output line of the water softener no noise is heard.

When the main water supply is cut at the softener no noise is heard. Also, no noise is heard when stethoscope is placed on hot side lines.

I have a foundation and see no signs of a leak around the foundation or anywhere in the house. My wife said she has heard this for a month so I'm assuming if it were in house we'd be swimming by now.

Thought/suggestions for further troubleshooting? Would the sound be louder or softer depending on distance to leak?

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It sounds like you have a leak under the slab. First check the toilets to be sure there not running. If you have any lines that extend from the house (pool ,shed, outside faucets) turn them off. Then turn off your main water supply, don,t use any water in the house. After 5 min. turn the main back on. If you hear water refilling the system then you have a leak under the slab. In my area there is a company called American Leak Detection that we use to locate leaks under slabs. They locate it, expose it and put a temporary patch on the line. I think they are a franchised company, they may also be in your area. Around here the leaks are caused from pinholes in older copper tubing.


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Another thing you should do is turn off the main valve just after the storage tank. If the noise stops, you probably have a leak. Also, if you have a leak, your pump would be going on and off while there is no water being used. That should stop once the main valve is turned off. If the pump continues to cycle after turning off the main valve, your leak may be in the ground to or in the well.

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